How To Use Versus Module of AI Buster?

In today’s blog post, I will explore the fascinating Versus module of AI Buster. It’s a powerful automation module designed to enhance comparison article creation. With this module, users can generate comprehensive comparison content, complete with tables, charts, lists, introductions, and conclusions.

In this guide, I will walk you through the process of using the Versus module, including publishing bulk articles, scheduling posts, and more.

How To Use Versus Module of AI Buster

Getting Started with the Versus Module:

Getting Started with the Versus Module

Logging in and accessing the Versus module: To begin, log into the AI Buster panel and navigate to the β€œVersus automation” menu. Here, you will find three options:

  • Publish Bulk Article
  • Publish Single Article
  • Websites

First things first – it’s time to connect your website! Head over to the website’s option and follow the simple steps to establish a connection. Once you’ve successfully linked your site, the possibilities are endless.

You can publish single articles or go all out and unleash a stream of bulk articles – the choice is yours! So let’s get connected and start publishing some fantastic content.

In this article, I’ll spotlight the Publish Bulk Article option, showcasing how effortlessly the Versus module can create content for you. So sit tight and get ready to witness the magic!

Publishing Bulk Articles

Publishing Bulk Articles

If you wish to publish multiple articles at once, select the β€œPublish Bulk Article” option. Upon clicking this, seven input fields will appear on your screen:

  1. Keywords input
  2. Image source selection
  3. Image limitation
  4. Video limitation
  5. Language selection
  6. Website selection
  7. Category selection for your website
Publishing Bulk Articles step 2

Proceed by entering the relevant information into these fields. For example, your target keywords, preferred image and video limitations, and desired language for content generation.

Finally, select your website and category, then click the β€œSubmit” button.

Post Publishing and Draft Mode

To instantly publish your post, leave the toggle button in its default β€œPost to Publish” position located on the right side of the app screen.

Post Publishing and Draft Mode

Alternatively, if you prefer to save the post as a draft,  toggle the β€œpost to draft” button located on the right side of the app screen.

Post Publishing and Draft Mode step 2

Scheduling Posts

For users looking to generate multiple articles without immediate publication, the AI Buster tool offers a scheduling feature.

Activate the β€œSchedule Post” button on the right side of the app screen, revealing two date selection options: β€œSchedule Post Start” and β€œSchedule Post End.” Choose the desired timeframe for your scheduled posts and let AI Buster handle the rest.

Scheduling Posts

The Versus module of AI Buster is an essential tool for content creators specializing in comparison articles. By integrating the latest AI technology, this module provides a user-friendly interface and powerful features that make generating and organizing high-quality, SEO-friendly content more effortless than ever before.

With AI Buster’s Versus module, you can easily compare products, services, and ideas to create insightful and engaging content for your readers. Whether you publish in bulk, save drafts, or schedule posts, this module ensures you are always on top of your game. To see the Versus module in action, check out this video:

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