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Content Features
Generate Bulk Articles
Write Single Article
Article Heading Control
Custom Post Title Pattern
Plagiarism Free Ai Articles
Readable and Unique Articles
SEO Optimized AI Articles
Publish Post/page Type
Custom Slug Option
Add Focus Keywords
Add Entities Option
Add Negative Keywords
General Features
Add Image Source Credit
Control Images Quantity
Control Video Quantity
Turn Off/On Introduction
Turn Off/On Conclusion
Turn Off/On Quick Answer
Turn Off/On Key Takeaways
Turn Off/On FAQ
Writing Tone Support
Point Of View Support
Integration Features
GPT-4o Integration
GPT-4 Turbo Integration
AI Image Integration
Auto Post WordPress Site
Auto Post Shopify Site
Support Google CCL Image
Support Google Image
Support Pixabay Image
Support Unsplash Image
Support YouTube Video
Auto WP Post Schedule
Advanced Features
Custom Outline Support
Save Custom Prompt (Advanced)
Save Custom Template (Advanced)
Custom Information
External Linking
Automatic Infographics
Internal Linking
Campaign Management
Queue Management System
Generate AI Title
100+ Language Support
Post Status Control

How We Works?

Welcome to AI Buster, a powerful tool for streamlining your content publishing process. Let’s take a look at the steps to use AI Buster:

Login and Open Dashboard

Step 1: Login and Open Dashboard

To get started:
1. Log in to your AI Buster account and open your dashboard.
2. From there, navigate to the website panel login to add your “website“.
3. Choose your content publishing method once you’ve added your website.

Select Your Content Publishing Method

Step 2: Select Your Content Publishing Method

AI Buster offers two options for publishing your content: single and bulk. If you’re publishing a single article, choose the single option. If you’re publishing multiple articles, select bulk.

Place Your Keywords

Step 3: Place Your Keywords

After selecting the article publishing method, you must enter your keyword. If you publish a single article, paste your keyword into the provided field. If you’re publishing in bulk, paste your keywords separated by lines.

Choose Your Website and Image Source

Step 4: Choose Your Image Source, Images, and Video Limitation

Then, choose your preferred source for images and videos from options such as Google, Pixabay, Pexels, or Unsplash. AI Buster will automatically find your content’s most relevant images or videos. Customize your content by limiting the number of images and videos you want to include.

Set Image and Video Limitations

Step 5: Select Your Website and Category

Select the website and Post Category you want to publish your content from the panel.

Submit and Enjoy AI Buster Magic

Step 6: Submit and Enjoy AI Buster Magic

Once satisfied with your content, you can publish it immediately by enabling the β€œpublish” button or schedule it for a specific date. You can also choose the Pending and Draft option from the right side. Then, click the submit button and let AI Buster take care of the rest.

Congratulations! You’ve just learned to use AI Buster to streamline your content publishing process. Happy Blogging!

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