How to use the Info Automation module of AI Buster?

Hey there! Welcome to another article about our awesome tool, AI Buster. This tool has a really cool module called “Info Automation (Full AI)” which we’re going to talk about today. This module is super popular and it’s all about turning a simple keyword into an amazing article full of useful information. It even adds cool pictures and videos to make it even better!

Info Automation Full AI
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The Best AI Article Writer For AI Auto Blogging

Aibuster is an awesome tool that uses the power of GPT 3.5 and 4 models to create SEO optimized articles. It stands out from other tools by ensuring the articles are detailed, easy to read, and always interesting.

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Guidelines for Info Automation Modules

The AI Buster How-To Module offers an efficient and user-friendly way to generate and publish bulk articles for your website.

Let’s explore how this module can elevate your content creation process.

Getting Started with the Info Automation Module

To begin, access the AI Buster platform by logging into your account. Once inside, navigate to the β€œInfo Automation (Full AI)” menu, where you’ll be greeted with three options:

getting started with the info automation module
  • Publish Bulk Articles
  • Publish Single Article
  • Websites

To use the AI Buster tool on your website, you must connect it by accessing the website menu. If you’re unsure how to link your WordPress website to the AI Buster tool, you can refer to the article β€œHow to connect your WordPress website to the AI Buster Tool?” for guidance.

After successfully connecting your website, you can publish content with the AI Buster tool. You have two options for publishing content: bulk articles or single articles. In this example, we will demonstrate how to publish bulk articles.

Publish Bulk Articles

If you aim to publish multiple articles simultaneously, select the β€œPublish Bulk Article” option. This will trigger the appearance of seven specific fields on your screen:

Keyword Input
Image Source Selection
Image Limitation
Video Limitation
Language Selection
Website Selection
Category Selection

How to proceed:

info automation full ai publish bulk articles

Step 1: Fill in the β€œKeywords Input” field with your desired keywords.

Step 2: Choose your preferred image sources, set the image and video limitations, and select the language in which you wish your content to be generated.

Step 3: Select your website and category and click the β€œSubmit” button.

NB. After you’ve clicked submit, the AI Buster tool will take a few minutes to generate your article(s), provided there are no issues with the tool or your website.

Article Publishing:

info automation full ai article publishing and scheduling options

An important feature to note is the β€œPost to Publish” button on your screen’s right side. If you wish to publish your article instantly, turn this on. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to draft your post later, leave the button off, and your post will be saved in draft mode.

AI Buster offers a scheduling feature for those who wish to generate multiple articles but don’t want to publish them immediately on their website.

Post Type:

info automation full ai post type

Scheduling Options:

Simply activate the β€œSchedule Post” button on the screen’s right side. This will reveal two date-selection options, β€œSchedule Post Start” and β€œSchedule Post End,” allowing you to schedule your posts within a specific time frame.

info automation full ai schedule post

AI Buster’s Info Automation (Full AI) module is an extraordinary tool that reshapes the content creation landscape. Harness its power today and elevate your content to new heights.

Info Automation Module – Using Guideline

Info Automation Module Sample Article

The AI Buster How-To Module offers an efficient and user-friendly way to generate and publish bulk articles for your website.

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