How to Connect Your WordPress Website to AI Buster Tools

I want to extend my sincerest congratulations to all users on behalf of AI Buster. 

We have received numerous reports regarding credit deductions without receiving the requested articles or posts that appear to be running but do not show up.

These issues are primarily a result of our failure to establish proper connectivity between our AI Buster tools and the WordPress website.

To address this, we have prepared a comprehensive guide to help users properly connect their websites to our AI Buster tools.

Without further ado, let us begin.

How to Connect Your WordPress Website to AI Buster Tools

List of mistakes that I’ve figured out till now: 

  • Usage of slash (/) at the end of the website URL.
  • Using the website passwords instead of the app password.
  • Disabling app passwords with website security plugins.
  • Blocking 3rd party apps on the website in the hope of increasing its speed using cache plugins.

NB. Please consider that when conducting tasks outside the website, such as bulk posting, direct posting, direct image uploading, or automation, all of these actions are performed through REST APIs. In order to establish a seamless connection to our REST API, it is necessary to keep REST API settings open.

How to connect your WordPress website to AI Buster Tools? 

We will learn the appropriate method of establishing a connection between your WordPress website and AI Buster Tools through a systematic, step-by-step approach.

Step 1: Firstly, identify the appropriate module from our tools in which you wish to post.

How to connect your WordPress website to AI Buster Tools

Step 2: Here, for example, I have chosen the (Info Automation – Full AI) module and selected the corresponding website option located underneath.

How to connect your WordPress website to AI Buster Tools 2

Step 3: Upon clicking on the website’s option, you will be presented with an interface resembling the one shown below.

How to connect your WordPress website to AI Buster Tools Step 3

Step 4: Connect your website by accessing the Add Website section.

How to connect your WordPress website to AI Buster Tools Step 4

Step 5: There will be 4 Fields appearing on the screen; you must fill them in with the required information.

  1. Website URL with HTTPS: Please provide your website address here, starting with HTTPS (e.g., It’s imperative to avoid common mistakes like adding a slash (/) after the .com or using HTTP instead of HTTPS, as such errors will prevent the post from being published on your site.
  2. Title: Enter a descriptive title to identify your website quickly. This can be any text you choose.
  3. Username: Enter the username (e.g., admin, root, demo, XXX) you used to log in to your website.
  4. Password: Be careful not to confuse your website password with your app password. Please enter your app password carefully. To obtain your app password, first, log in to your website and follow the steps below –
app password
  • Log into your website and go to the edit profile option.
app password part2
  • Now scroll down and go to the β€œApplication Passwords” option.
app password part3
  • You can create an application password by providing a name in the β€œnew application password name” field. Once you have entered the name, click the β€œadd new application password” button, and your app password will be generated within a few seconds. The password will appear below and resemble the following format:
app password part4
  • Kindly copy the entire password and navigate back to the AI Buster application. Proceed to the β€œAdd Website” section within the AI Buster Tools website menu and complete the form in its entirety, as previously outlined.
app password part5
  • We are pleased to inform you that your website has been successfully integrated with our AI Buster tool. As a result, you can now select your desired module and publish individual or multiple articles on your website easily.

Note: Several individuals encountered difficulties selecting a category due to improper connection to the website. To address this issue, we recommend watching our dedicated video on connecting to our website for further clarification. We hope this will help you the right way:

During the trial phase of our AI Buster tool, you may encounter a variety of complexities. If you experience any issues, please post them in our group. Our dedicated support team will immediately resolve your issues.

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