5 Alternatives to Writesonic: Free & Paid Competitors You Should Consider

Writesonic has a broad user base. However, its lack of originality, creativity, and confined writing tone have made people look for better alternatives. 

So, which alternative AI should you select to replace Writesonic? Well, while there are many available, our first recommendation is the AI Buster. This would be a complete solution for blogging and marketing. 

However, your choice shouldn’t be limited. We have 3 more alternatives that grabbed our attention. So, let’s explore them in detail.

Why Look For A Writersonic Alternative?

Writesonic does offer diverse structures and writing styles. For instance, email writing, article intros, Personal Bios, paragraph writing, etc. 

But it has some shortcomings in creating great content with authenticity, creativity, and personalization. 

The absence of a built-in plagiarism checker is a real drawback. Overall, it falls short as it lacks a genuine human perspective.

Writesonic Alternative – Our Top 5 Choices

As complexities of Writersonic push you to pick an alternative, you’ll find numerous tools claiming to eliminate those lacking. 

However, you can’t opt for all of them in reality. So, based on content quality, ease of use, price, features, etc., we have picked 5 best alternatives listed below.

1. AI Buster

AI Buster’s innovative approach made it a total game-changer that you can choose to replace Writesonic AI. 

Writesonic Alternative AI Buster

AI Buster’s incredible knack for grasping and accommodating unique demands is what you’ll admire the most. 


Aside from its ability to craft personalized and captivating content, AI Buster’s integration with WordPress and Shopify has brought blogging and marketing to a simplistic form. 


And the auto-scheduling is a bonus feature of AI Buster you’ll use (and love) all the time. This feature allows you to post your blogs on your WordPress sites without any manual adjustment. 


We must credit the AI Buster developer team for incorporating the On-page SEO optimization that helps you get more traffic and conversations easily like never before. 

Bulk publishing

What sets it apart from Writesonic and even the two other alternatives is its mind-blowing 1-click article generation feature that generates 1000s of articles that generate more traffic for eCom or blogging in general.

AI Photo/Video

As AI Buster publishes your blogs, it will also include photos and videos within the blog. The images will be unique and AI Generated with the latest technology backing it up from the backend. 

Whether dealing with an extensive task that needs to be finished quickly or just working on everyday blog content, AI Buster won’t disappoint you. Additionally, we are pleased with the clear and logical pricing structure provided by AI Buster. 

Key Features:

On-page SEO optimization
Built-in plagiarism checker
100+ language support
1-click 1000 articles generation
Pricing Plan Price

2. Jasper AI

Jasper Ai stands out as our second choice on our top-rated list. With its advanced natural language processing capabilities and user-friendly interface, Jasper Ai offers a efficient writing experience.

Writesonic Alternative Jasper AI

One key advantage of Jasper Ai is its ability to generate high-quality content across various genres and styles. Whether crafting engaging marketing copy or generating in-depth product descriptions, Jasper Ai consistently delivers accurate and professional results. 

This versatility sets it apart from Writesonic, which may be more limited in Writesonic’s capabilities. We really liked the Jasper Command, a user-friendly tool that predicts your sentences while you type. 

And guess what? You can even generate incredible images, too. Well, not as seamlessly as AI Buster, but it’s pretty decent with Jasper. 

However, one thing we didn’t like is its pay-per-word model. Every word generated by Jasper deducts credits from your account. So even if the content ends up in your junk folder, it will cost you. Also, the facility of a free trial (credit-card-free) is absent here. 

Key Features:

More than 50 Recipes or AI-generated templates
Surfer SEO (paid) integration
Integration with Grammarly
Jasper Command 
Content Lookback 
Pricing PlanCost
Business PlanCustomizable
Teams Plan$99/month
Creator Plan$39/month

3. Copy.ai

Copy.ai is a powerful AI-assisted writing tool that has emerged as a competitive alternative to Writesonic. The user interface of Copy.ai exudes a modern aesthetic with its sleek and minimalistic design. 

Writesonic Alternative Copy.ai

Once set up, you will be greeted by a well-organized and tidy UI. Currently, the Pro plan of Copy.ai supports 25 languages (AI buster has 100 languages if that’s your main concern). 

This allows you to customize the input and output languages, providing a great level of flexibility. Furthermore, Copy.ai offers an array of refined tones to help shape your content to suit specific moods and occasions. 

In terms of pricing plans, Copy.ai presents a Pro plan that can be subscribed on either a monthly or yearly basis. 

The majority of its outputs are captivating and compelling, but it also spits out some inaccurate and irrelevant information that needs to be filtered out. 

Once you finish writing or modifying your copy, simply paste it into Copy.ai for a quick score. 

This eliminates the need for signing up with another tool as Copy.ai takes care of your basic plagiarism checking requirements. 

It doesn’t generate lengthy content or instantly produce entire blog posts with one click. However, it can assist in creating blog titles, outlines, paragraph points, intros and outros, meta descriptions, and more individually.

If you’re dealing with a large-scale project and require a high volume of results, Copy.ai may not be the most suitable option. In such cases, creating content could be more time-consuming.

Key Features:

90+ content templates and tools
Blog Ideas Generator
Instagram Captions Creator
Freestyle AI Generator
Keyword Generator
Pricing PlanCost
Free PlanOne user (2,000 words per month)
Pro Plan$36/month
Team Plan$186/month
Growth Plan$1,000/month
Scale Plan$3,000/month

4. Anyword 

Anyword AI is an innovative writing tool that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to assist users in crafting and optimizing marketing copy. 

Writesonic Alternative Anyword 

Using natural language processing, Anyword generates and maximizes copy for various platforms such as websites, social media, email, and advertisements. 

What truly sets Anyword apart from Writesonic is its proprietary predictive performance score. 

This will give you valuable insights into how your marketing copy will  perform. You can make data-driven decisions regarding refining their messaging. 

The platform offers customizable options such as selecting specific copywriting formulas or applying demographic filters. This is all tailored to the unique characteristics of your target audience.

Another standout feature of Anyword is its Power Mode. It empowers users to upload text in any desired style or tone effortlessly, matching variations that perfectly align with the brand voice.

They offer a free seven-day trial period to new subscribers. However, their pricing plans are tailored towards enterprises and may be costly for individual bloggers or those with limited budgets.

Additionally, it does not provide direct integrations with any tools or platforms. Overall, it may not be the best choice for individuals or small businesses in need of long-form content, as it primarily emphasizes short-form copy. 

Key Features:

Original text suggestions
Preset keyword library 
Predictive performance score 
Ad account integration
Text personalization 
Pricing PlanCost
Monthly$49-$499 (with customized package option)
Yearly$39-$249 (with customized package option)

5. Creaitor.ai

Ranked at the bottom of our list but shining brightly as one of the most cost-effective alternatives to Writesonic is Creaitor AI. With over 100,000 users, this platform offers exceptional value for money. 

Writesonic Alternative Creaitor.ai

Thanks to its utilization of GPT-3, Creaitor AI generates outstanding content to help users enhance their content creation. 

Creator.ai has over 70 unique AI templates to create diverse content creation needs, ranging from Google text ads to heartfelt love letters. 

Additionally, Creaitor AI offers a potential beta feature known as the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) beater, and it supports more than 46 languages. While its SEO capabilities primarily focus on English, they are robust and reliable. 

Another noteworthy function is the image creator feature, where the AI generates images based on your text input that helps enhancing visual appeal of your blog. 

However, one disadvantage of Creaitor.ai lies in its incapacity to regulate the length of output within the long-form editor. 

This can result in sporadic generation of unfinished sentences that necessitate manual completion. 

Additionally, it lacks the capability to tackle intricate or specialized subjects that demand domain knowledge or extensive research, thereby restricting its range and precision.

Key Features:

Fast long-form Content generation
70+ Templates 
SERP Beater
Image generation


Free Plan- Lifetime (up to 20,000 characters)
Monthly Deal- $9-$59
Yearly Deal- $8.25-$49.92

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the best Writesonic alternative?

To decide the right alternative for your writing needs, you must evaluate factors like pricing plans, available features, ease of use, customer reviews, and integration options. Most importantly, consider what matters most to you in an AI writing tool.

Will switching from Writesonic to an alternative disrupt my workflow?

Switching from one AI writing tool to another may require some adjustment initially as you familiarize yourself with new features and workflows. However, our selected alternatives, especially AI Buster provide easy to follow video guides and are easy to use. 

Can I use multiple alternatives to Writesonic simultaneously? 

You can utilize multiple alternative writing tools simultaneously based on your specific needs. Combining different platforms’ strengths may give you diverse writing outcomes. However, it isn’t feasible if you consider the cost, time, and expertise.


Although WriteSonic has gained significant popularity, it doesn’t mean you’re bound to use this even when it can’t fulfill your needs and expectations. 

Now that you have the top 5 alternatives to replace WriterSonic, it’s up to you to decide on which tool you’ll invest your hard-earned cash. 

If you want to use a tool that was built to replace a few different tools including Writersonic, our suggestion would be AI Buster as everything Writersonic, and 200% more. 

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