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With so many AI content writing tools out there, we are often tempted to invest in a tool that doesn’t meet our expectations in reality. Take Wordplay AI as an example. Behind its glamorous offerings, this AI tool struggles to provide high-quality content and cope with writer’s intent. 

Here, the thought of an alternative comes in. So, are you one of those users thinking about a Wordplay.ai alternative? If yes, our first recommendation will be the AI Buster due to its advanced algorithm to understand writer’s intent and implication in writing tone. 

However, you are free to choose from other alternatives such as Jasper AI, Wordspilot, Rytr, etc. Well, that doesn’t mean you randomly splurge your cash on purchasing tools. So, which one should you get? Be patient and check the 5 best Wordplay AI alternatives explored below.  

Wordplay.ai Alternative – Our Top 5 Choices

In this era of competition, quality matters more than quantity. While Wordplay AI can generate thousands of words quickly, your content might end up just as an initial draft and spend your valuable time in fine-tuning and tweaking errors. 

In addition, writers with small budget and prefer monthly subscription may find it difficult to invest $99 to whopping $2800 for a lifetime deal as Wordplay Ai only offers a lifetime deal so far. 

To get rid of all these complexities, we have picked 5 alternatives for you. So, check them below. 

1. AI Buster

AI Buster

AI Buster is a relatively new player in AI content generation. Yet it has something tremendous that encouraged us to pick it as our first choice to shift into a Wordplay AI alternative. 

Instead of just writing a bunch of words as Wordplay AI does, AI Buster is focused on WordPress auto-blogging with SEO optimization.

In fact, continuous clicking and commanding in Wordplay AI might seem monotonous after a certain period. But with AI Buster, you can generate thousands of articles with a single click. 

Unlike Wordplay AI-written content that looks like imaginary, AI Buster maintains the search intent with improved accuracy in the final output. 

The most astounding fact regarding AI Buster is its auto-scheduling. Just schedule your posting time and AI Buster will automatically publish 100% SEO-optimized content to your WordPress site. 

Wordplay AI is infamous among many writers who write content in their local languages. For instance, Japanese writers often express their dissatisfaction due to the absence of the Japanese language. 

Thankfully, AI Buster considered this urge and offers content in more than 100 languages, whereas Wordplay AI is stuck to its 20+ language support. AI Buster will also stand the upper hand with its flexible pricing. Check the pricing details in the table below:

ToolPlan Price
AI BusterMonthly$99-$699

2. Jasper AI

Jasper AI

A big frustration regarding Wordplay AI is its inconsistent writing tone and grammatical errors. It becomes even more inconvenient when you’re trying to promote your brand. 

This is where Jasper AI shines with its intuitive UI/UX design for versatile content generation within a touch. While content generated by Wordplay AI requires fine-tuning after the final output, Jasper AI offers writing style mimicry as you desire. 

Just upload a sample content with your preferred tone, and Jasper AI will analyze and adopt it for further implication in your writing output. 

As one of the oldest AI content generation tools, Jasper has created an ecosystem, where you can integrate every tool required for successful campaigns of your brand. 

In terms of content writing in local languages, Jasper AI also proves itself as a better alternative with its 25+ universal language support. Of course, this is not as much as AI Buster offers, yet it covers 5 more languages than Wordplay AI. 

Besides, Jasper AI offers pre-determined and customized plans based on whether you’re working as an individual or with a team. It seems quite flexible than Wordplay AI.  

ToolPlan Price
Jasper AIMonthly$49 to Customized price
Yearly$39 to Customized price
Lifetime❌ Not available

3. Wordspilot AI

Wordspilot AI

For those who’re looking for a complete AI toolkit for SEO content writing, blogging, Freelancing, and Marketing, Wordspilot can be a great alternative to Wordplay AI. 

Where Wordplay AI provides the bulk of words quickly, Wordpilot AI comes as your complete copywriting partner with its AI Copywriting Assistant and AI Voiceover tool. 

To make your content even more attractive without consuming much time, Wordpilot AI comes with 45+ pre-built templates. So, depending on your niche, or target category, you can choose a specific template. 

One thing that Wordplay AI users often regret is the absence of connectivity to WordPress sites. Luckily, with Wordspilot AI, you don’t have to regret this. 

Wordspilot AI also covers writers of 37+ different languages. Alongside, Wordspilot integrates text-to-image conversion and Art generation tool for creating more attractive visuals.  And guess what? You’re getting all these even at an incredibly lower price than Wordplay AI. Check the pricing comparison below:

ToolPlan Price
Wordspilot AIMonthly$15 to $45/month($89-$170 prepaid amount)
Yearly$10 to $45/ per month($89-$170 prepaid amount)
Lifetime❌ Not available

4. Rytr AI

Rytr AI

It’s a bit frustrating when you get your final AI-written content just like an initial draft. Yes, this is what Wordplay AI users have reported. AI content doesn’t only mean saving your time, quality matters always, right? 

Yes of course, in that case, Rytr AI is another alternative option you can rely on. From writing product descriptions to social media marketing content, everything is covered by Rytr AI with dedicated templates. 

One thing that gives Rytr AI a clear edge over Wordplay AI is its creative writing style. Well, that doesn’t mean you’ll get something that seems imaginary as Wordplay AI does. 

However, if any sentence in your content seems boring or clunky, you can simply turn it into a more elegant and succinct one using the ‘reword ” or”shorten ” button. 

Moreover, Rytr AI supports 30+ languages that span more local language content writers. In addition, it offers a more convenient subscription plan and it’s one of the most cost-effective AI tools so far. Check the comparison below.

ToolPlan Price
Rytr AISaver plan$9/month($90/year with 2 months free)
Unlimited plan$29/month($290/year with 2 months free)

5. Writesonic


Last but not least, the option to replace your Wordplay AI is Writesonic. Unlike Wordplay AI, which often produces generic and boring content, Writesonic delivers original writing that captures readers’ attention. 

Whether you need a catchy headline or a persuasive sales pitch, Writesonic’s AI-powered algorithms can produce compelling copy that drives results.

Moreover, Writesonic offers a simple and intuitive platform designed with usability. This means that even with limited technical skills or experience with AI writing tools, you can easily navigate the tool’s various features and create high-quality content effortlessly.

According to Writesonci, the inclusion of keyword optimization and the ability to incorporate your own set of keywords can enhance the ranking of your content at a faster pace. 

Furthermore, this becomes even more authentic with the integration of its competitor analysis tool. 

ToolPlan Price
WritesonicMonthly $19 to $500+
Yearly$15 to $500+

Frequently Asked Questions

The options of AI writing tools are endless. So, it’s natural to have curiosity regarding some other tools aside from our 5 best alternatives. So we structured a short FAQ section below. 

How do I choose the best AI tool?

To choose the best AI content writing tool, it is crucial to evaluate specific aspects. Consider factors like accuracy, performance, flexibility, customization options, user-friendliness, and the availability of training and support when making your decision.

Is Conversion.ai better than Wordplay.ai for long-form content?

Conversion.ai specializes in long-form content generation and has garnered positive reviews specifically for this purpose. If your focus is primarily on longer articles or blog posts, it could be a suitable alternative.

How does Copy.ai compare to Wordplay.ai?

Copy.ai offers similar features to wordplay.ai such as generating blog posts, social media captions, and product descriptions. However, it also provides additional functionalities like A/B testing and Google Docs integration.


It’s apparent that Wordplay.ai has grabbed the attention of many people who need long-form content. Yes, good things always attract people, but nothing is perfect. 

So, even though Wordplay AI provides articles in the shortest possible time if the quality doesn’t match your expectations, you’re free to choose an alternative anytime. Just be cautious when choosing your next AI writing assistant. 

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