10 Best Shopify Blog Examples To Inspire Your Successful Blog

Blogging can be a game-changer for online businesses.

It opens the doors to promote your products or services with more traffic while building your brand value.

But it’s not as easy as eating a cake. You need to get so many things right. Just throwing up a couple of posts monthly won’t do the trick if you want to retain users to your site.

In this guide, we’ll dive into 10 best Shopify blog examples that can help you to get ideas from. They can inspire and assist you as you carve out your own path, regardless of the topics you plan to cover.

So, let’s get going!

Importance Of Studying Other Blog Examples

With 4.1 million active websites, 5.6 million online stores, and 2.1 million daily users, Shopify is bustling. Standing out on this platform can be quite a challenge.

That’s where blogging becomes handy. So, Why bother checking out other blogs? Well, here are some key reasons:

Sparking Inspiration

Thinking up new blog ideas can be a real brain workout, especially if you’re just getting started. We’ll, there’s an easy way out. 

Checking out what others are doing can ignite your creativity—whether it’s their cool designs, post styles, templates, or even their vibe.

Business Insight

Taking a peek at your rivals’ moves is always a good play. Be it their blog, products, pricing, or overall marketing game, it gives you a sneak peek into what’s working—or not—for them.

For instance, if a competitor tried a blog series but only dropped a couple of posts, it might be a sign it didn’t hit the jackpot. 

On the flip side, if they’re all about behind-the-scenes videos, it’s like a hint to brainstorm your unique spin on similar content.

Topic Ideas

Are you struggling to find out helpful topics for your Shopify blogs? When it comes to choosing blog topics, snooping on other blogs can be a goldmine for ideas. 

Let’s say you’re in the baking biz—checking out how Great Jones and Partake Foods share recipes might spark the idea to cook up and share your own delicious recipes.

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10 Best Shopify Blog Examples 2024

Seeking inspiration on using blogging for your business? Dive into the details of 10 Best blogs from e-commerce stores, and grab ideas to tailor for your own content marketing strategy.

We’ll divide the overall discussion in five key segments. So, let’s get into knowing the best Shopify blog examples of 2024!

Photography Blogs

Want your Shopify store to stand out with awesome visuals? Dive into photography blogs! They’re like treasure troves filled with pro tips and inspiration. 

Learn the secrets to snap stunning product shots and lifestyle pics that grab attention and turn visitors into customers. 

1. Path Edits

Want to transform your Shopify store with captivating product photos? Path is your go-to virtual studio for basic Photoshop edits on e-commerce product photos. 

1. Path Edits

Beyond editing services, they share valuable insights in their blog, covering everything from photo editing to product photography. 

Discover useful articles providing tips on shooting, editing, and optimizing product photos for maximum sales and ROI. 

Dive into Photoshop tutorials, both in articles and videos, designed to empower businesses to independently edit their product photos. 

Whether you’re seeking professional edits or aiming to master the art of photo editing yourself, Path has you covered.

2. Pretty Presets

Pretty Presets and Actions, an online store powered by Shopify, specializes in selling digital tools like presets, filters, brushes, and actions for photo editing software like Lightroom. 

2. Pretty Presets

The brand’s blog serves as an educational hub, offering tutorials and guides on mastering Lightroom, aligning perfectly with the products they offer. 

Navigating the blog is a breeze with its elegant two-column layout, complete with a sidebar featuring various categories and a newsletter sign-up form. 

Readers can easily share content using the floating social media icons on the left. 

An engaging feature in their posts is the before-and-after slider, showcasing transformations, making it not only informative but also an effective sales tool.

Health & Fitness Blogs

To make your health and wellness Shopify store stand out, trust and education are key. Health blogs play a crucial role in establishing your store as a reliable source. 

By providing valuable content, these blogs attract customers who are keen on learning and enhancing their well-being. 

Let’s delve into how incorporating health blogs can turn your store into the preferred choice for those pursuing a healthy lifestyle!

3.The Squeeze Magazine

Press Healthfoods, renowned for its cold-pressed juices, runs a vibrant blog called The Squeeze Magazine. 

3.The Squeeze Magazine

This blog isn’t just about juices; it’s a treasure trove of insights for health, and nutrition. The clean and visually appealing design, mirroring the brand’s juice palette, makes it a delightful read.

Apart from offering plant-based products, The Squeeze Magazine acts as a health guide. Its articles range from embracing a plant-based diet to travel-friendly digestion tips. 

Blog contents are complemented by high-quality images and engaging interviews with industry experts, elevating the blog’s value. 

The Squeeze Magazine doesn’t just promote products; it fosters a community interested in a healthy lifestyle, making it an educational and entertaining space for health enthusiasts.

4.The Maudern

Maude, dedicated to enhancing sexual wellness, pursues its mission to ‘make intimacy better for all people.’ The Maudern, their blog, plays a crucial role in achieving this goal. 

4.The Maudern

With an inviting and candid approach, the blog covers various topics related to sexual health and intimacy, making them accessible to a broad audience.

The Maudern features diverse categories like arts, history, culture, living, dating, people, film, relationships, food and drink, science, health, and sex education. Complementing their blog, Maude also sends out a newsletter with the latest posts to broaden the reach of their content.

What sets The Maudern apart is its soothing dark green design, creating a focused and calming reading environment. The minimalist floating header includes essential elements like a hamburger menu, search, and shopping cart icons. 

The search bar provides recommended results, simplifying the user experience. Additionally, the hamburger navigation smoothly slides from the left, ensuring effortless navigation to desired locations on the blog.

Food & Recipe Blogs

Want your Shopify store to taste success? Why not try out food and recipe blogs to invent a recipe for triumph! 

Packed with ideas for enticing content, these blogs offer tips on food photography and mouthwatering recipes using your products. Learn how to transform visitors into customers.

5. Great Jones

Great Jones, a brand specializing in cookware for home chefs, goes beyond traditional ecommerce on its blog, Digest. The blog aims to inspire culinary journeys by featuring real-world stories through interviews where guests cook meals of their choice. 

5. Great Jones

In the ‘Recipes we love’ section, different chefs share their recipes, accompanied by narratives and details on the Great Jones items needed for the dish.

What sets Digest apart is its unique storytelling approach, creating a community vibe rather than a typical ecommerce blog. The content feels like a cozy kitchen, inviting readers to explore stories, learn about cultures, and discover something new for their next kitchen adventure.

Key features include a massive slider above the fold and a sliding text notification bar with changing background colors. The appealing color scheme, thoughtful typography, and ample white space makes it visually pleasing and gives readers a convenient experience.

For maximum impact, consider implementing a large slideshow to highlight must-read articles, ensuring they capture the audience’s attention effectively.

6. Partake Foods

Partake Foods, known for its allergy-friendly vegan snacks, effectively utilizes its blog to share a passion for healthy eating. The blog features recipes, food allergy resources, and snack ideas, providing valuable insights. 

6. Partake Foods

Founded by CEO Denise Woodard, the brand caters to families seeking wholesome snacks for kids with allergies. The blog’s engaging content extends to a food allergy guide and a well-designed layout that includes vibrant imagery showcasing Partake Foods’ products. 

The posts cleverly promote offerings without a pushy sales tone, offering a model for businesses seeking a subtle promotional approach. It has an unique post-grid layout, incorporating static and animated thumbnails to maintain visual appeal. 

Despite its extended length, the layout remains captivating. We recommend adding a back-to-top button or sticky header for long pages to enhance UX.

Travel and outdoors blogs

Are you ready for amazing adventures and stunning landscapes? Well, you can begin your Shopify store journey right here! 

Ignite your customers’ wanderlust with travel and outdoors blogs. Share insider tips, destination guides, and give essential product recommendations to inspire their next adventure!

7. BioLite

BioLite sells outdoor energy gear like solar panels and camp stoves. It runs a Shopify blog that strikes a balance between subtle product promotion and delivering value to its audience. 


It adopts a friendly and conversational tone, coupled with a clean design that prioritizes content visibility. Articles not only share stories and insights into outdoor activities but also provide behind-the-scenes glimpses of products, fostering a connection with potential customers.

BioLite’s blog stands out for its expert-driven guides with practical advice and step-by-step instructions. It integrates infographics, videos, and storytelling to create helpful content. 

The absence of sidebars on both the homepage and post pages ensures a distraction-free reading experience, emphasizing content front and center. The hero area prominently features a highlighted story with a large thumbnail, title, date, excerpt, and a ‘read more’ link. 

While lacking a floating navbar or a back-to-top button, BioLite’s decision for a no-sidebar blog contributes to a more satisfying user experience.

8. The Seea

Seea is a sustainable swimwear brand designed for active women, particularly surfers, showcases its surfing community, known as Seeababes, on its Shopify blog. 

8. The Seea

Beyond empowering stories of women in the water, the blog offers advice on fostering a connection with the ocean, glimpses behind the scenes of the brand and its products.

Its layout is unique with outlined grid elements, setting it apart within the Shopify realm. Four floating elements—header, chat box, booking, and subscription—are readily accessible. 

Additionally, each blog post features a progress bar and a time estimate, providing readers with a clear indication of their content journey. Consider incorporating a progress bar to enhance the reader’s navigation through the content.

Lifestyle blogs

Your awesome products have a story to share! Lifestyle blogs are the key to unlocking your Shopify store’s potential. 

With blogs, teach how to creatively showcase your products, inspire your audience, and build a brand that truly connects. It’s time to transform casual website visitors into lifelong fans!

9. Consider the Wldflwrs

Consider the Wldflwrs, a Nashville-based fine-jewelry shop, showcases its heirloom-quality pieces on a beautifully crafted Shopify blog. 

9. Consider the Wldflwrs

This blog is a blend of educational insights and product highlights, covering diverse topics like new releases, jewelry care guides, team features, product spotlights, and curated guides. 

Simplicity and helpfulness of the blog strike the right balance, fostering engagement without overwhelming the reader. The accompanying email newsletter keeps customers informed about new arrivals and promotions. 

Noteworthy features include a slider displaying featured stories, creating an interactive and visually appealing experience. The single-column layout, coupled with a sticky header and mega menu, ensures easy navigation without the need for excessive scrolling. 

Consider The Wldflwrs sets itself apart with a welcoming ambiance and a blog home that’s both informative and aesthetically pleasing.

10. Kirrin Finch

Kirrin Finch is basically a gender-neutral clothing brand, which uses its blog to build emotional connections with customers. 

10. Kirrin Finch

Through engaging content like video interviews, styling tips, and behind-the-scenes features, the Real Weddings series stands out by showcasing non-traditional couples’ celebrations.

Its layout is user-friendly, featuring a prominent featured article at the top and a grid of recent posts below. Thumbnails in the grid have a hover effect, enhancing interactivity and clickability.

A unique aspect of Kirrin Finch’s Shopify blog is the floating feedback icon in the bottom right corner, inviting users to rate their experience. 

This valuable feedback loop helps the brand continually improve website performance and overall user experience, emphasizing the significance of customer opinions for optimization.”

How You Can Make A Successful Blog On Shopify?

Building a successful blog is a crucial element of any organic marketing strategy, whether it’s geared towards education, SEO, entertainment, or storytelling. 

Unlike paid ads, organic marketing involves creating content on your own channels without monetary backing, leading to a slower but more sustainable growth as traffic flows over time. 

Developing a successful blog strategy is key to reaching this point. To make your blog successful, consider these steps:

Add Value

Tailor your content to what your target audience wants. Whether it’s entertainment, education, news, or a blend of these, prioritize your customers’ interests.

Have Clear Goals

Define your blogging objectives. Focus on attracting readers through search engines, social media, and generating qualified leads to build relationships and, ultimately, drive sales.

Stay Focused On Branding

Building your brand is a key role that blogs can play. They not only support your brand but also help in establishing it. 

Blogging gives you a chance to express your voice. With blogging, you can use storytelling to connect with your audience, making your brand unique and memorable.


Consistency is crucial in blogging. Whether you can publish weekly or only manage a monthly post, be consistent to maintain regular engagement with your audience.

The key is to stick to a schedule and make sure you hit that once-a-month mark consistently. It helps in maintaining a regular connection with your audience.

Incorporate these elements into your blog strategy to create valuable content, achieve defined goals, strengthen your brand presence, and build a consistent rapport with your audience.

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Blogging is a powerful tool to boost your brand, grow your email subscribers, connect with potential customers, and drive sales. The key is consistent effort in every post.

The blogs we showcased are diverse, spanning various industries and targeting different audiences. Each has a unique approach that worked for them. 

As you begin your blogging journey, keep in mind that your blog should resonate with your customers and target audience, addressing their interests in engaging ways. 

Conducting customer interviews is a great starting point to understand what captures their attention. So, use these blog examples to get inspiration for your own blog!

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