Top 10 Blog Apps for Shopify Automation in 2024 [Free & Paid]

Did you know Shopify rocks an impressive 20% of the e-commerce market? And get this, businesses putting out 16 or more blog posts monthly score 3.5 times more traffic! 

With stats like that, do you ever dare not to have a blog for your Shopify store? Well, not a wise option at all.

Blogging isn’t just a sidekick to your marketing game; it’s a must-have for a strong online presence, customer love, and, of course, raking in those Shopify bucks (boosting revenue).

Running a Shopify store and planning to create killer blogs that hooks your audience? You’re in the right spot!

Every online store’s success recipe? A blog, for sure. Good news for Shopify store owners – we’ve got some fantastic blog apps to pick from.

Let’s dive into the 10 Best Blog Apps for Shopify automation, both free and paid. We did rigorous research, so you can find the perfect app for your store. 

Ready to check them out?

How Shopify Blog Apps Benefit Store Owners?

With almost 87% of Shopify store owners using the App Store, ever wonder how blog apps can make your life better? 

Well, blogs are like the secret sauce for marketing and boosting sales. 

Blog apps smoothly fit into Shopify, bringing in cool tools to manage blogs and, of course, boosting those juicy sales.

Imagine getting better SEO, making engaging content, and adding cool pictures and videos—all thanks to these blog apps.

They not only bring in more visitors but also turn them into happy customers. And guess what? By telling your brand’s story effectively, these apps help your business grow and make revenue. 

Choosing The Best Shopify Blog App: What To Consider

Thinking about picking a Shopify blog app? Therefore, you need a Shopify blog app that aligns with your goals and requirements to bring you closer to your blogging dreams. 

Here are the key considerable factors before you dive in: 

I. Features That Match Your Goals

First things first, make sure the features of the Shopify blog app match what you’re aiming for in your content game. 

You want tools that make content creation a breeze, help you schedule posts, and keep your audience engaged for that extra online boost. Easy peasy, right?

II. Easy to Use Interface

When picking a blog app, go for one with a simple and easy to use interface. It helps easily manage content, and lets you focus on crafting blogs without dealing with confusing features. 

Look out for features like a live preview or a WYSIWYG editor – they let you see how your blog posts will look in real time, making your blogging experience even more enjoyable!

III. SEO Optimization Capabilities

Let’s talk about making your Shopify blog more visible online. Go for blog apps that are friends with SEO. They should let you tweak things like meta tags, URLs, and use XML sitemaps. 

All this jazz helps search engines find and rank your content, giving your website a boost in search results.

IV. Integration with Shopify and Third-Party Tools

Choose a blog app that plays well with Shopify. You want everything to work together smoothly. 

Also, check if it gets along with other tools you use for marketing and analytics. This makes tracking performance and managing your eCommerce game easier. 

V. Reliable Support You Need

Go for a blog app that comes with reliable customer support and regular updates. Good support means you’ll get help when you need it. 

Plus, regular updates show that the app is keeping up with the latest trends and staying secure on Shopify. This keeps your blog strategy effective for the long haul.

VI. Customization Features

Your online store has its own style. Check if the app allows you to tweak stuff like how your blog looks – design, layouts, fonts, colors – so it matches your store’s vibe. 

This helps keep everything looking the same, making it easier for your customers to navigate and feel right at home on your site.

VII. Rating & Reviews

See what other shop owners are talking about! Take a look at reviews and ratings to understand more about the app. 

Look how good the app is, how trustworthy it is, and if people are happy with it. Don’t forget to think about both the good and not-so-good comments to make a wise decision.

VIII. Pricing & Value

Check out the price and see if the app is worth your money. Think about your budget and what you hope to achieve with your blog.

Some apps might even let you test their features for free before you decide to subscribe. Time to weigh the costs and benefits!

10 Best Shopify Blog Apps To Boost Sales In 2024

In this section, we’ll discuss the top Shopify blog apps handpicked to boost your content marketing and drive more sales for your online store. 

We’ve done thorough research, checking online sources, industry publications, software directories, and user reviews to find the best ones for you.

Let’s get into it. Shall we?

1. AI Buster

Want to reduce the stress on your Shopify blogging hassles, and save time for managing other parts of your business? 

If yes, AI Buster is the go-to solution for your Shopify blog automation. You just need to know how to connect your Shopify store to AI Buster, and you’re ready to run your blog on autopilot!

AI Buster Shopify Blog Apps

It is an AI powered tool which uses the most advanced language models (GPT 3.5 and GPT 4) to generate up to 1000 blogs. Surprisingly, it all takes just 1 click to post thousands of blogs. 

Well, there’s more: you don’t need to worry about keyword research. AI Buster undergoes low competition keyword research for your store so you can focus on business.

And get this:AI Buster has already proven to be the best Shopify AI blogging tool by bringing in over 400% more traffic to the first store tested. 

AI Buster best Shopify AI blogging tool

Why Choose AI Buster:

AI Buster beats other competitors with a bunch of handy features for Shopify Auto Blogging. Here’s what you can expect from AI Buster: 

Fine-Tuned AI Content: Expect top-notch AI-generated content that keeps your readers hooked with natural language and insightful writing.
Smart Keyword Research: AI Buster helps you rank higher by targeting low competition keywords for more visibility.
Longer, Valuable Posts: All posts are 700 to 2000 words, diving deep into your topics to give your readers valuable insights.
Copyscape Passed Articles: Each article undergoes Copyscape checks, ensuring 70-80% uniqueness and freedom from plagiarism to avoid search engine penalties.
Includes YouTube Video and Image: Every blog post includes a YouTube video and an image to enhance engagement and drive more traffic.
SEO Optimization: AI Buster enhances your blog posts with on-page SEO, ensuring key elements like meta descriptions and title tags are optimized for better search engine rankings.
12-Month Support: Provide a full year of support to address any questions or concerns, demonstrating AI Buster’s commitment to client satisfaction.


AI Buster introduces three pricing options to suit different user needs:

Test Our Shopify: Get up to 500 blogs with basic optimization, and dedicated 1 year support, at just $500.
Done For Your Store: at $600 includes 500 AI super-optimized posts, one image and feature image, one video in each post, along with superb on-page and featured snippet optimization.
Custom Package: With a custom price point, you can get 10x faster AI content generation with all premium features. 

With all these features, AI Buster produces top-notch Shopify blogs automatically to save your time, boost traffic, increase engagement, and generate revenues. So, why wait?

2. DropInBlog

DropInBlog positions itself as the go-to Shopify blogging app, prioritizing robust SEO features for improved visibility and ranking on Shopify store blogs. 


Designed for solopreneurs, beginners, and small to medium-sized businesses, It emerges as a compelling alternative to WordPress, especially for those focusing on search engine optimization.

Key Features:

SEO Scoring Tool: DropInBlog introduces the first SEO scoring tool on Shopify, assessing and enhancing the search engine performance of each post.
User-friendly Interface: No tech headaches here! DropInBlog is designed to be super easy for solopreneurs and SMBs. It’s like having a friend who guides you through without any fuss.
Built-In SEO Analyzer: DropInBlog has this nifty feature – a built-in SEO analyzer. It’s like having a backstage pass to see how well your posts will rock the Google stage.
User Permissions: Take control with user permissions. It’s like being the director of your blog – you decide who gets access to what, whether it’s categories, authors, or posts.
Comment Options: DropInBlog supports comments, offering flexibility though specific comment types are not specified.


DropInBlog offers three pricing tiers: 

Lite: Priced at $19/month, it includes core blogging functionalities, unlimited posts (formerly 250), basic SEO features, mobile-friendly responsive design, and custom domain support.
Standard: At $49/month, it includes all Lite features and adds product embeds, multilingual support, a related posts widget, post scheduling, and the option to choose the post author.
Professional: Just at $99/month, users receive all Standard features, along with advanced SEO features, user permissions, and custom code injection capabilities.

Each plan includes a 14-day free trial, allowing users to explore the features before making a commitment.

3. Blog Studio

Blog Studio, an early entrant in Shopify’s dedicated blogging apps, initially earned praise as the first of its kind. But, recent user reviews reveal a series of bugs, diminishing its ease of usage. 

Blog Studio

While the app facilitates visually appealing blog posts through a drag-and-drop editor, recent glitches indicate a potential emphasis on marketing landing pages rather than genuine blogs.

Despite recent challenges, Blog Studio stands out as one of the top blog apps for Shopify. It offers a robust interface for creating posts with drag-and-drop elements. 

Key Features: 

Intuitive Drag and Drop Editing: Blog Studio makes creating and editing blog posts a breeze with its simple drag-and-drop interface—no coding skills required.
Advanced Design Customization: Get creative beyond your Shopify theme! Blog Studio offers cool features like parallax effects and custom fonts for visually stunning blog posts.
Built-in SEO Tools: Boost your visibility! Blog Studio has built-in SEO tools, letting you easily optimize titles, meta descriptions, and more within the app.
Flexibility: Whether you like a visual approach or want more control, Blog Studio has both. Choose between drag-and-drop or dive into the advanced code editor. Your blog, your way!


Blog Studio offers two primary pricing plans:

Basic: Get all essential blog features, drag and drop editing, image and typography options, and key SEO tools at just $9.99 per month.
Growth: Includes all features of the Basic plan with advanced SEO tools and priority support at just $19 per month.  

4. Bloggle

Meet Bloggle, the game-changer for Shopify bloggers. Unlike regular blog apps, it’s more of a page builder, giving you powerful features for a top-notch content marketing strategy. 

With user-friendly tools, Bloggle lets you effortlessly set up, optimize, and manage your blog right within Shopify.


It’s not your average app – Bloggle stands out as a page builder. While it covers blog basics like posts and authors, the real focus is on making your posts visually appealing.

Create blog templates easily with drag-and-drop or custom options. Add buttons, videos, and forms to your posts. Plus, there’s an SEO analyzer to enhance your blog while you create it.

Key Features:

Easy Editing: With Bloggle, you can utilize an user-friendly drag-and-drop editor for effortless blog post creation without any coding knowledge.
Instant SEO Feedback: Bloggle’s real-time SEO analyzer tool provides you instant feedback on content optimization, and SEO factors to boost your search engine ranking.
Product Integration: Effortlessly showcase Shopify products in your blog posts for increased product discovery and potential sales.
Customizable Layout: Personalize your blog’s category layout and navigation for a visually appealing and user-friendly experience.
Mobile-Responsive: Bloggle ensures your posts are automatically optimized for mobile devices, providing a seamless user experience.


Standard: Includes unlimited blogs, a drag-and-drop editor, SEO scoring tool, limited custom templates, saved sections, and 24/7 support at $25/month.
Premium: Adds all Standard features, Shopify Plus compatibility, Klaviyo integration, unlimited templates and saved sections, multilingual, and priority support at $49/month.

5. Related Blog Posts

Related Blog Posts Pro is a user-friendly Shopify app crafted to boost blog engagement. After readers finish an article, it suggests relevant posts, offering a smooth browsing experience. 

You have the power to customize recommendations, adjusting the number of suggestions, excluding posts based on tags, and even showcasing featured images.

Related Blog Posts

To keep readers hooked, use this free app to display advanced post recommendations at the article’s end. You’re in control—sort related blog posts by tags, author, or content type. 

Choose to display featured images or focus solely on the same blog type. It’s a must-try if you use Shopify’s default blog and want to add extra functionality.

Key Features:

Suggests relevant blog posts: This can help improve reader engagement and SEO by suggesting relevant blogs to your readers.
Easy to install and use: Comes with two pre-made themes that use your theme’s default designs.
Easy to install and use: Comes with two pre-made themes that use your theme’s default designs.


The good news is, Related Blog Posts Pro comes with a free plan with all the essential features like quickly suggesting related blogs, displaying blogs in multiple conditions, and SEO perks.  

6. Jolt

Jolt AI is a new Shopify app designed for easy blog content creation. It simplifies making articles and images for your blogs at a fair price. 


While AI tech is crucial, be cautious – if Google thinks your content is just copied from an AI tool, it might not rank well.

If you’re thinking about using Jolt AI or a similar tool, be sure to personalize and tweak the content for better search engine visibility. 

Consider using a paid plan like GPT-4, making some manual adjustments for results similar to a fully automated solution.

Key Features:

Create Content and Image Easily: Jolt uses AI for quality blogs and unique images, saving you time. This helps create fresh content for your audience and make your website look great.
SEO Features: It follows SEO best practices, which might improve your website’s ranking on search engines and bring in more visitors.
Product Integration: Jolt lets you include your products in the blog posts, making it easier for customers to discover and buy them.
Easy Content Control: With Jolt, you have full control. You can review and edit articles using Shopify’s editor, ensuring they match your brand before publishing.


Jolt comes to the limelight with two pricing plans:

Basic: It is a free plan which offers 15 creations per month (Professional quality blog posts, unique and original images, and SEO Optimization)
Pro: At $10/month, you can get 300 creations at advanced creation mode. Plus, you can generate longer SEO blogs and incorporate products in the posts. 

7. Pro Blogger

Pro Blogger is a specialized Shopify app for enhanced blogs and SEO. With a user-friendly interface, it lets you seamlessly integrate related products, posts, and reviews into your blogs. 

Pro Blogger

You can boost sales by adding ‘buy now’ buttons and enhance social media sharing through Shopify Social login integration. 

While it doesn’t create or manage blogs, it excels in related content features like adding product sliders and displaying related posts. 

If you have an existing blog and aim to promote content and sales, Pro Blogger is a top choice with its unique functionalities.

Key Features:

Customizable Templates: Choose from a range of stylish templates, tweak them to match your brand effortlessly – no coding skills needed!
Advanced SEO Tools: Enhance your blog’s search engine visibility with SEO tools. Set SEO titles, meta descriptions, and manage tags for better rankings and more organic traffic.
Affiliate Friendly: Easily integrate affiliate links into your posts, potentially earning commissions by promoting relevant products or services.
Time-Saving Features: Schedule posts in advance and let Pro Blogger handle the rest. Enjoy a consistent posting schedule without the hassle – your audience gets updates like clockwork!


Pro Blogger operates with a solo plan including a 10 day free trial.

Standard: At just $5.99/month, you’ll get two blog post template sliders, one product and collection template slider, post image captions for Pinterest Pins, and a post printing button.

8. Recipe Kit

Recipe Kit was created by a solopreneur. It’s all about whipping up awesome blog recipes, perfect for individuals and small to medium-sized businesses. 

Recipe Kit

If you’re just dipping your toes into the culinary blogging world, Recipe Kit’s got your back with easy features like categories, cook time, servings, and prep time. 

But, here’s the catch – as your blog grows and you want to spice things up for SEO, Recipe Kit hits a limit. 

It’s fantastic for recipe articles, but when you’re ready to add more flavor to your blog, you might need to explore other options.

Key Features: 

Easy Recipe Making: Create tasty recipes effortlessly with Recipe Kit’s simple editor. No coding skills needed, making it user-friendly for all.
Complete Recipe Control: Recipe Kit offers everything for crafting full recipes – ingredients, instructions, servings, and cooking times.
Shop-able Recipe Cards: Transform recipes into sales by linking ingredients to your Shopify products. Customers can add items to their cart while exploring blogs. It increases your sales.


It mainly offers 2 plans with a free trial for 7 days! 

Starter ($14.99/month): Create unlimited recipes, link products, use SEO tools, choose designs, and filter posts.
Business ($19.99/month): Get all Starter features, plus “Shoppable Recipes,” multiple recipe images, and AI suggestions.

9. SEO Blog Optimizer 

SEO Blog Optimizer, created by a solo founder, focuses on boosting your blog’s SEO. Similar to DropInBlog or Bloggle, it guides you on adding SEO keywords to improve your Google ranking. 

It’s great for straightforward SEO advice if you want to skip the complexities of UX/UI optimization.

SEO Blog Optimizer 

Writing SEO-friendly content is crucial for online visibility, but it can be tricky without SEO knowledge. SEO Blog Optimizer steps in, offering insights and an SEO score for each blog post. 

It’s user-friendly even for non-tech users, and follows Google practices for effective SEO changes. Plus, it provides a Google Preview so you can see how your blog posts will appear in search.

Key Features:

Score your blog posts: Identify areas for improvement with an automatic SEO score.
Optimize content: Get actionable suggestions to enhance your blog’s search engine ranking.
Customize easily: Tweak blog post settings directly within the app.
Preview Google results: See how your posts might appear in search engine results.
Improve search visibility: Write better meta tags and descriptions with the app’s guidance.


Free Plan: You can get SEO scores automatically, Google previews, and quickly update your products just for free. 
Premium Plan: Includes all free plan features, with Realtime optimized SEO Articles Recommendations, and Shopify SEO Expert by email at just $14.99/month.

10. Reputon Blog

Reputon Blog & Page Builder is designed for SEO writers and agencies who heavily use Google Docs for content creation. 

It simplifies the process by automatically importing Google Docs content into Shopify, aiming to boost productivity. 

Reputon Blog

However, it lacks customization options for the appearance of the imported content, which might limit its appeal. 

Despite this, the free plan provided by Reputon makes it an attractive choice for users looking to streamline their workflow efficiently.

Key Features:

Effortless Blog Import: Import blog posts and pages directly from Google Docs with a single click.
Automatic Updates: Changes made to your Google Doc automatically update your content on your Shopify store.
Content Flexibility: Choose to import content as either blog posts or pages.
List item


You can utilize Reputon Blog features in two plans:

Free: In the free plan, you can import blogs from up to 5 documents per month.
Unlimited: At just $9.99/month, you can import unlimited blogs without the Reputon branding logo.

Editorial Note

Are you short on time? Don’t want to go through that hassle of testing each app to find the best one from many? 

Then, switch to AI Buster right away – It’s the ultimate blogging automation solution for Shopify.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Use a Shopify Blog App?

A Shopify blog app isn’t just an add-on; it’s a business upgrade, enhancing your blogging even if you’re already skilled. 
Compared to Shopify’s basic blog tool, these apps offer advanced features such as improved SEO, enhanced design options, and a smoother user experience. 
When you use the right Shopify blog app, you can make your blog much better, get more people to visit, and, in the end, sell more stuff without any trouble.

Can You Schedule Posts with Shopify Blog Apps? 

Absolutely! Many Shopify blog apps come with a handy feature that lets you schedule posts ahead of time. 
This ensures you can regularly share content, keeping your audience engaged and boosting your SEO rankings.

Are Shopify Blog Apps Suitable for Beginners?

Yes, they’re great for beginners. Most Shopify blogging apps feature easy-to-use interfaces, including drag-and-drop editors, and ready-made templates. 

How Can Shopify Blog Apps Boost SEO?

These apps improve SEO by helping with keyword optimization, creating SEO-friendly URLs, seamlessly integrating with Google Analytics for performance tracking.

These apps improve SEO by helping with keyword optimization, creating SEO-friendly URLs, seamlessly integrating with Google Analytics for performance tracking. 
All these things work together to make sure search engines can easily find and understand your blog content.  

These apps improve SEO by helping with keyword optimization, creating SEO-friendly URLs, seamlessly integrating with Google Analytics for performance tracking. 

All these things work together to make sure search engines can easily find and understand your blog content. 


So, which one should you choose for the blog automation of your Shopify store?

Well, the decision is solely up to you. However, if you want the benefits of a blog posts manager and a page builder in one place, try out Bloggle, or DropInBlog. 

On the contrary, if you’re focused on SEO, Blog Studio or Jolt can be your go-to option. Want to run recipe blogs? The Recipe Kit is the best possible solution.

Don’t want to take the hassles of publishing fresh Shopify blog posts every day? Short on time to publish or schedule blogs? AI Buster is the only tool you need for complete Shopify automation, all while checking SEO, publishing, and everything in between. 

Ultimately, the right app for you is the one that meets your demands and budget. Don’t miss the chance to try out those free trials. They let you test the features and discover what works best for you. 

And that wraps it up! Happy blogging!

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