4 Best Zimmwriter Alternatives to Fulfill Your Article Need In 2024

Among the plethora of AI writing assistants, Zimmwriter had quite a good reputation.

However, Zimmwriter’s poor AI detection, lack of different AI models, and No in-built grammar & plagiarism checks make it an unsuitable choice these days. 

That’s the reason marketers and writers are actively searching for alternatives to Zimmwriter.

But what AI tool should you choose in recent times? Well, as we mentioned in our top AI writing Tools list, AI buster can well be your next big weapon. 

But if you want multiple options, check out other alternatives from this guide that are great counterparts to Zimmwriter.

How and Where Zimmwriter Tool Fails to Satisfy

Zimmwriter is an AI-powered content-generation tool created by Matt Zimmerman, the founder of Ranking Tactics. This AI tool can generate articles in minutes just from a keyword.

However, ZimmWriter also has some major downsides which make writers search for different alternatives. Some of them are:

1. Limited API: 

The ZimmWriter only uses the OpenAI API, while its competitor uses Anthropic’s Claude beside the OpenAI API. Now you may ask what’s the benefit of having Claude beside OpenAI. 

Well, If you’ve ever attempted to summarize your PDFs using ChatGPT, you’ve probably found it to be quite a laborious and tricky task.

Due to ChatGPT’s restricted input capacity, users are required to break down the text they wish to summarize into 1000-word chunks. 

However, with Claude 2, summarizing your extensive 200-page documents becomes a breeze, all thanks to its impressive input capacity of 100k tokens. 

If you’re dealing with lengthy texts, Claude 2 is a great option for efficient summarization. So having another API is always better.

2. Installation

You need to install the tool on your computer to use it. That can be quite a hassle, especially if it’s a PC with low configuration. 

Also, Zimmwriter doesn’t have any app for a macOS version. So people are searching for better alternatives.

3 Lack of Collaboration

Zimmwriter isn’t a cloud-based application. So it doesn’t have good collaborative features or a long-form content editor. Which makes it a poor choice for group writing.

4. Lack Of Grammar & Plagiarism Checkers

Zimmwriter doesn’t have any built-in grammar and plagiarism checkers. So most writers have to buy a grammar tool and a Plagiarism checker with Zimmwriter. Which is inconvenient in most cases.

5. Won’t add Images

Zimmwriter doesn’t add any media to the created article. So you have to manually add images before publishing.

That’s the reason many users are looking for alternatives to Zimmwriter. 

Best Zimmwriter Alternative You Can Use Right Now

There are a ton of AI writing tools with various advanced features and options than Zimmwriter. They can automate stages of content creation, including research, drafting, editing, and SEO, to improve productivity.

But which one should you choose? 

Well, after comparing the most used AI tools, me and my team have selected the top 4 options that address all the issues ZimmWriter is hated for. 

Here are they:

1. Aibuster.com

If you want easy content creation like Zimmwriter but without the limitations, you must check out Aibuster

It can generate thousands of articles with just one click, all while keeping it high in quality and SEO Optimized. 

What’s even more compelling is its ability to publish blogs on its own with scheduling. With it, you can auto publish to WordPress and Shopify sites. 

Best Zimmwriter Alternative Aibuster

What Makes It Better than  The Zimmwriter

Writing Examples:

When you compare the writing samples of Aibuster, it has a more reader-friendly structure. Let’s see a sample writing from Aibuster:

Here if you see the starting section of the sample, there are two questions that have a universal urge that can hook any reader. 

The expression and tone will definitely make you struggle to differentiate it from human writing.  

Also, if you look at the body:

You will see it includes various bullet points and images to keep the engagement and the writing flow ongoing. That’s why it can be a great alternative for Zimmwriter.

Additional Features:

AI Buster also comes with a ton of advanced features which put it ahead of Zimmwriter and any other AI writer for that matter. 

Some of them are:

With Aibuster, You can create 1,000+ articles with just one click! You just input your niche keywords, and the tool will do all the heavy lifting.
If you like reviewing software, the SaaS review automation will be your savior. It gives you detailed summaries, points out the good and bad, and includes pricing and FAQs.
Not only are the articles from Aibuster SEO-optimized, but they are also easy to read and grammatically correct. That’s why those articles get strong SERP rankings.
Aibuster is a cloud based tool. So, unlike Zimmwriter, you don’t have to install it to use it. And you can access it from anywhere in the world using the ID password.
The app comes with a Copyscape Tool Pass–one of the best plagiarism checkers in the market. So you can create unique and SEO-friendly content more easily.
The tool has an option to insert authentic images in your blog post. Which makes your article more reader-friendly.
You can now automatically schedule each post with Aibuster for your WordPress website.
The Aibuster has a huge amount of Automation to auto-write most article categories.
The AI buster supports 100+ languages.


Well, finding any major flows in the Aibuster tool can be finding a needle in the haystack. 

Here’s the biggest one you will find: It sometimes fails to add media to some articles when you create bulk posts. 

However, it happens only in a small number of articles.


Here’s the pricing for Aibuster:

Package nameCostingWord Limit
Startup$39 /month200,000 AI Words
Mid Label$99/month500,000 AI Words
Professional$199/month2 Million AI Words
Tier 1$399/month5 Million AI Words
Tier 2$699/month10 Million AI Words

You can also have a 3-day trial package for $1 with 50K Credit. So you can write about 35 to 40 articles before purchasing it just by spending a dollar.

Also, there are various discount offers from time to time, so check for those before ordering.

2. Jasper.Ai

With a promise of Powerful, practical, and personal content, Jasper (previously known as Jarvis) is one of the oldest AI content generators, still giving top-notch services. 

Zimmwriter Alternative Jasper

What Makes It Better The Zimmwriter

Jasper  exceeds Zimmwriter, especially in the SEO section. It offers more robust integration with famous SEO tools like Surfer SEO, so those articles have a higher chance of ranking in Google. 

Writing Examples:

Here’s a short product review created by Zimmwriter for Big Bill’s BBQ:

As you can see the product review is quite engaging and reader friendly. It included the eye-catching feature of the product with different types of power words making the content richer.

Additional Features:

Not only does Jasper provide engaging content, but it also has other features to help the writers. Such as

Jasper is cloud-based and easy enough for just about anyone to use. 
Its formatting capabilities are highly customizable so that users can put their touch on their final product.
Jasper pulls in knowledge from recent Google data. So the content is more factually accurate.
Jasper is great for a short copy. It has over 50 templates, such as Facebook captions, YouTube descriptions, product descriptions, and email subject lines that you can use.


Jasper’s main limitation is its price point. Where the Zimmwriter only costs $14.97, the Jasper costs $49/month but doesn’t add that much value. Also, here are some other remarks:

Jasper isn’t suitable for longer content. You may face aggravation to generate 1500 words or more.
You can’t completely remove the AI writing tone/robotic tone automatically with Jasper.
It doesn’t provide information sources, so you have to verify each piece of information yourself.
Also, the Jasper content is unable to pass the Originality.AI and zeroGPT AI detection.

So, it may not be the ultimate choice to switch from Zimmwriter. 


Jasper usually starts with $49/month for individual plans. Check out the Jasper pricing page for other packages.

3. Koala.Sh

Koala.sh is a new AI-based tool for creating long-form, SEO-friendly blog articles. To use Koala.sh, simply enter your preferred subject or keywords into the Koala Writer or Koala Chat sections. 

And the Koala Writer will generate a well-structured, well-optimized article within a few minutes.

Zimmwriter Alternative Koala.Sh

What Makes It Better The Zimmwriter

The Koala.sh uses both the GPT-3.5 and the GPT 4 model with real-time search integration, making it more reliable. It has a simpler and eye-catching interface than Zimmwriter, making it more user-friendly.

Let’s see an example of Koala:

As You can see, Koala also writes a good article with simple prompts. But here they have used too many complex sentences in the intro page like Zimmwriter. Which can hamper the readability. And I didn’t like question placement.

You also get full control over the outline, like adding, deleting, or re-ordering the H2s and H3s before generating the article.

Also, the price starts at $9/month, much cheaper than Zimmwriter.


The main limitation of Koala Writer is its difficult word-counting policy. It also gets expensive if you want to create content on a bigger scale. Also, the GPT4 version uses 4x more credit than the GPT3.5. 

And the tool can’t add any multimedia to its content. Which is a major downside for troubleshooting content.

Additionally, the Koala.Sh is unable to pass the originality AI detection. So you need to input your human touch after creating content.


The Koala.Sh starts at $9/month, with a 15,000-word limit. Check out the Koala pricing section for more available packages.

4. ChatGPT (Chat.OpenAI) 

ChatGPT, powered by OpenAI, introduces a unique approach to content creation through dynamic conversation-style writing. 

Zimmwriter Alternative ChatGPT

Unlike Jarvis, it can provide a more human-like tone to your content. 

Here’s an example:

As you can see, a normal keyword input won’t give you better content. Too many complex sentences and a lack of hooking words and questions is the main problem of this example. 

However, if you chat with it about the topic and give clear instructions about what you want, the ChatGPT will provide you with decent content. Nevertheless, it will take more time and effort for each content, reducing your productivity.

It’s also known for providing a large amount of inaccurate info. So you have to verify each piece of information manually.

Overall, ChatGPT stands out for its ability to provide users with intelligent, accurate, and rapid responses.

What Makes It Better The Zimmwriter

The main merit of ChatGPT is that it is free and without limitations. Also, the app can adapt and modify its “personality” to better suit its user needs. Also, the Paid GPT 4 version is more powerful than Zimmwriter.


Unlike Zimmwriter, you can’t create any bulk posts with ChatGPT. Also, writing longer articles (above 2000 words) takes a long time with ChatGPT. You need to chat with the bot for some time or use any third-party API to generate fully humanized content–Which can be irritating for some users.

And the free GPT 3.5 version doesn’t have real-time information after September 2021. So you need to verify any information beyond that date.


The GPT 3.5 version is free for users, and for the GPT 4.00 version, you need to pay $20 per month.

So Which One Should You Choose?

Well, every alternative included in this post, you should now be able to pick the right one. 

All the tools add more value than Zimmwriter, but they also have their unique limitations.

However, ChatGPT is the best free tool for new marketers or writers, but you have to invest a lot of time to generate decent content with it. 

And for writers who want a paid subscription, Aibuster is the most suitable alternative. 

Besides decent content, it provides additional features to fulfill most of your writing needs and the Shopify and WordPress scheduling saves lots of time. So go for that.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Cancel ZimmWriter?

To cancel ZimmWriter, log into your Gumroad account, visit the “Library” section, find your ZimmWriter subscription, and follow the on-screen steps to cancel. But If you don’t have one, create an account using the email you used to purchase ZimmWriter.

Does ZimmWriter Work On Mac?

Well, the ZimmWriter is still not available for macOS. But you can use it unofficially on Mac using this YouTube video. 

Can ZimmWriter Pass AI Detection?

No, it can’t fully pass the Content At Scale AI Detection and the Originality AI Detection Test. So, you have to optimize the article manually to pass the AI test. If AI and plagiarism passed content is your target, going for AI Buster would be a better choice. 

How does ZimmWriter work?

ZimmWriter uses OpenAI API. To get started, you need to set up your OpenAI license key and configure it with ZimmWriter. And then you can use the app for content generation.

Is ZimmWriter Worth It?

If you are a solo writer and use a Windows pc then ZimmWriter will fulfill your AI content needs. Otherwise, it’s a poor choice, especially for auto blogging enthusiasts.


And there you have it. I’m sure you’ve found a suitable alternative to Zimmwriter.

One last advice, always check and try the product (if a trial is available) before purchasing any AI tool. Those will give you more insights about those apps.

Also, read the AI-generated article and give a personal touch before publishing it. It will make the content more rich and relevant.

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