20 Best Free AI Content Generator & AI Writers For 2024

AI writing assistants have come a long way since Open AI introduced GPT-3 in 2020. The breakthrough large language model (LLM) inspired the birth of many new tools that generate text and media using artificial intelligence. 

Since then, more LLMs evolved, and these AI systems have continued to get better and better. Content creators are now using AI writers like AIBuster, CopyAI, and Writesonic to ease their time-consuming writing tasks. 

They help you quickly draft posts, articles, or landing pages so you can focus on more demanding tasks in your workflow. Busy professionals and freelancers can get more done in less time using their various frameworks and prompts.

However, since most of them are paid, you might feel restricted when testing these AI tools before settling for one that works best for you. 

And that’s why you’ll want to check out the 20 top free AI content creators and writers we reviewed here. You may be surprised by what they can produce and how they might become your new go-to writing partner.

20 Best Free AI Content Generator at a Glance

ToolFree PlanPaid Plans Start AtNotable Features
AI Buster50K words with $1 trial$39/moBulk article generation, Direct WordPress publishing
Copy AI2K words/month$36/moWorkflow feature, Analyzes brand tone/voice
Rytr10K characters/month$9/moContent outlines, Keyword suggestions
Jasper7-day free trial$39/moCreates optimized, high-converting copy
Writesonic10K words/month$13/moLanding page generator, Built-in SEO tools
Simplified2K credits/month$11/moInterface similar to Google Docs
Shortly AI3-day free trial$65/moCustom commands
NeuralTextFree access to generators$19/moAI content outlines
Koala AIOne-time 5K words$9/moOutline editor, YouTube to blog posts
Smart Copy40 credits/month$9/moURL to ad copy, Landing page templates
Katteb5K words free trial$9/moChecks facts, Collaborative editing
Paragraph AI5 uses per day$9.99/moTone suggestions, Content improvements
Jenni AI200 words per day$20/moOutlining and structure for essays
Scalenut7-day free trial$19/moFocuses on SEO optimization
ChatGPTUnlimited$20/moAdvanced conversational abilities
Claude AIUnlimitedCurrently no paid plansConversational interface, Contextual awareness
Google BardUnlimitedNot yet availableConnection to Google’s knowledge graph
WordTune10 uses per day$9.99/moInstant writing suggestions as you type
QuillBotGenerous free version$4.17/moParaphrasing and summarization
Monica AI30 queries per day$9/moReal-time web-based writing assistance

1. AI Buster

AI Buster stands out for its extraordinary bulk article generation capabilities. With just one click, it can produce an incredible 1,000 articles. This is a massive timesaver for high-volume creators like media outlets, SEO agencies, or blogging projects.

AI Buster - Content Generator

The greatest strength of AI Buster is that it lets you customize everything, from writing styles to images or matching your brand’s voice. And to make sure your articles don’t seem dull, the tool blends various language models into its separate modules for different content types. 

These include how-to guides, SaaS reviews, product reviews, comparison articles, recipes, and more. You can also personalize content for target audiences and insert trust-building info sections using its info automation feature. Besides, the PAA feature even ensures the reader gets keyword-specific answers explained with relevant media. 

Once finalized, you can publish the generated articles directly to WordPress or schedule future release dates right within AI Buster. This eases your workflow dramatically. And SEO optimization built into the tool means your content has greater search engine visibility through relevant headings, keywords, and sections. 

Before subscribing, you can test-drive AI Buster’s high-powered capabilities with a $1 free trial. It’s an invaluable asset for anyone regularly producing high volumes of optimized web content.

Free Plan TypeOffered for FreePaid Plans Start atNotable Paid FeaturesDrawbacks
Free trial for $150,000 AI wordsSingle and bulk article generationCustom outlinerDirect WordPress publishing$39Up to 10 million AI words10x faster article generation100% Unique articles with higher readabilityNo short-form content support

2. Copy AI

Copy AI is best known for its intelligent prompt helper. It helps you create all sorts of content up to 2,000 words with incredibly detailed instructions. You can generate long articles, website content, emails, ad copies, and more.

Copy AI - Content Generator

It has tons of templates to get your ideas flowing, while the workflow feature gets your writing done step-by-step as you like it. But what makes it unique is how it analyzes any brand materials you give it, like style guides or existing articles. Then, it automatically blends the tone and voice of your brand into its outputs.

The articles are very informative, too, and contain very few errors or repetition. Editors can even see where info came from to fact-check faster. But Copy AI’s not just about writing – it cites all its sources, so your content seems legit. Besides, the tool has a neat rewrite feature to improve your wording.

Free Plan TypeOffered for FreePaid Plans Start atNotable Paid FeaturesDrawbacks
Free Monthly limits2000 AI words per month90+ templates with different frameworksInfobase$36Unlimited wordsCustomized workflowsOutline to articles95+ language supportSuggestions in the continue writing feature take up huge chunks of word count

3. Rytr

Like Copy AI, Rytr has dozens of templates to quickly make different types of texts like blog posts, ads, job listings, and more. And a great thing is it’ll suggest keywords for your topics so people can find your stuff online more easily.

Rytr - Content Generator

The tool lets you pick from over 20 different tones for your articles too, from just giving information to being more casual. But although the outputs are usually polished, you may often see repeats in long articles. Yet, there’s also a tool to “improve” or “rephrase” those parts to tighten things up.

People say the best use of Rytr is making content outlines. These go into detail breaking down sections and listing keywords to touch on. Hence, you can cover all the important info people search for so they trust you more, and your site gets better traffic.

It’s a bit disappointing to see the free plan limited to just 10,000 characters each month instead of words. So, while it’s perfect to test out Rytr if you want to generate a lot of AI-written content regularly, you’ll need an upgraded paid plan. Still, it works great for an occasional article or two for free.

Free Plan TypeOffered for FreePaid Plans Start atNotable Paid FeaturesDrawbacks
Monthly limits10,000 AI characters per month20+ Tones30+ LanguagesRelevant keywords while writing$9Unlimited wordsAI Image generationCustom frameworksPlagiarism checkerOften produces repetitive info in long-form content

4. Jasper

Jasper AI is probably the highest-rated AI writing tool of all, though it’s also the priceiest with no ‘free’ plan. But you do get a full 7-day trial to compare it to others and see the differences. 

Jasper_- Content Generator

It specializes in creating optimized, high-converting copy in your brand’s voice, similar to Copy AI. You can upload things like articles, products, business details, and audience info. And it analyzes them to ensure all generated content is 100% accurate to your brand and message. 

Besides, Jasper has over 50 templates for instantly generating all sorts of materials, from website content to emails and social posts. It even finds the newest info and cites sources, perfect for blog posts where you pick a tone and cover the topics so readers see you as an expert.

There’s also a handy browser extension that lets you take Jasper everywhere for writing, for example, on sites like Slack, Google Docs, and various email platforms. It also has Grammarly built-in, so spelling and grammar are never an issue. 

For bigger companies, the quality may be worth the cost compared to other free options. After all, the generous trial at least lets you try it out risk-free.

Free Plan TypeOffered for FreePaid Plans Start atNotable Paid FeaturesDrawbacks
7-day free trial10,000 words to test all features$39Unlimited wordsAI Image generationCustom frameworksPlagiarism checkerSurfer add-on for SEO optimizationPay first for a free trial

5. Writesonic

Writesonic caught our eye with its generous free plan, which allows 10,000 words per month with additional Chatsonic credits. That’s enough to craft several newsletters, emails, blog posts, and more without spending anything.  

Writesonic_- Content Generator

Similar to Copy AI, Writesonic lets you provide keywords, stats, brand guidelines, and top-performing articles. This ensures it sticks to your brand voice and uses the right terms, perfect for technical fields like healthcare, law, etc.

Along with blog posts, it can generate professional landing pages ready to publish with built-in formatting like headings and CTAs. So, you’ll only need to add images, for which Writesonic has the Photosonic AI generator as well. 

The tool is also a real game-changer for driving traffic. You provide keywords for training and built-in SEO tools like Semrush and Surfer SEO ensure what’s written ranks well without extra work.

Besides, its handy paraphrasing tool rewrites sentences, paragraphs, and even entire essays and articles. Hence, you can update outdated content with current info, improve structure and flow, optimize for keywords, or adjust tone and voice effortlessly. 

Free Plan TypeOffered for FreePaid Plans Start atNotable Paid FeaturesDrawbacks
Free monthly limits10,000 words per month100 AI templatesMonthly Chatsonic creditsFull article writerAI image generationExport to WordPress$13Unlimited wordsCustom frameworksGPT-4 accessPlagiarism checkerBulk generationZapier integrationOften neglects flow in long-form content

6. Simplified

True to its name, Simplified makes creating content simpler. It can generate blog post ideas, outlines, blog sections, conclusions, and more to beat anyone’s writer’s block. 

Simplified_- Content Generator

The AI is built to turn your concepts into engaging copies guaranteed to grab readers’ attention. Its interface feels just like Google Docs, with almost identical layout and formatting tools. Editors can leave comments on the docs for writers to address changes easily.  

Simplified is perfect for solo entrepreneurs handling everything alone. It has 80+ pre-made templates to cover any text needed, from resumes to bios, blogs, Amazon listings, website content, and emails. Besides, handy commands using the / symbol let you add neat elements like banners and embedded media as well.

The free plan uses “credits” at a limit of 2,000 words per month. So, expect a dozen emails or a landing page max, but not a full-long blog like Copy AI or Writesonic.

Free Plan TypeOffered for FreePaid Plans Start atNotable Paid FeaturesDrawbacks
Free monthly limits2,000 credits per month80+ writing templates$11Up to 600,00 wordsGPT-4 accessPlagiarism checkerExport to WordPressOnly one brand voiceNo unlimited words for paid plans

7. Shortly AI

Shortly AI is great for people just getting started with AI writing tools. The setup is the simplest compared to others, as it hasn’t many buttons and menus to overwhelm you. 

Shortly AI_- Content Generator

But even though it looks basic, it can create different types of writing, like sentences, paragraphs, headings, and entire blog posts. You can use commands like “/instruct” and “/rewrite” to tell it what to do. Notably, the “/instruct” command is super handy because you can give it as many or as few details as you want. 

You can also play around with keywords by adding plus or minus signs to choose words you want to use more or less. This lets you control how often the main keyword shows up while including other related words, too. 

While it can auto-generate without commands, it’s better to give instructions since you just get a few paragraphs with no input. The downside is it doesn’t have templates to choose from or ways to change the tone of the writing. There’s also no free version – just a 3-day trial where you can only use it four times a day. 

Free Plan TypeOffered for FreePaid Plans Start atNotable Paid FeaturesDrawbacks
3-day free trial4 uses per dayCustom commands$65Unlimited WordsAdvanced commandsExtremely limited free planNo template or framework

8. NeuralText

NeuralText focuses on streamlining blogging with its powerful generators. These include idea creators, introduction crafters for compelling openings, and outlines for structuring posts according to audience demands. Best of all, you can access these generators for free.

NeuralText_- Content Generator

Analyzing top articles lets you make curated, optimized content fast and up your competitive edge for businesses. Besides, you can use its Keyword clusters to group related search terms together using search data for better web content. 

It also comes with a hook generator that creates sentence teasers to hook readers in. NeuralText also assists creatives with tools for Instagram captions, TikTok ideas, and slogans for enhancing digital presence and memorable branding. But it goes beyond marketing with career tools like email subject lines and LinkedIn headers. 

Free Plan TypeOffered for FreePaid Plans Start atNotable Paid FeaturesDrawbacks
5-day Free Trial for $1All features of any of the paid plans you choose for the free trial$19Up to 40,000 WordsKeyword clusteringSEO analysisDetailed keyword reports50+ TemplatesNo unlimited words for paid plans

9. Koala AI

Koala AI is a new player in the AI writing space. But its unique outlining feature has created quite a hype among bloggers seeking newer perspectives in their blog structures. This is mainly because it prompts relevant subheadings and bullet points for complete, organized articles to ease things for you. 

Koala AI - Content Generator

The rewriter also helps refresh old posts by polishing up language and keywords to keep content up-to-date and boost search rankings. Besides, it also has a neat YouTube to-blog post feature that lets you turn videos into detailed articles.

More importantly, Koala uses the latest, relevant data to make each writing appeal to both people and search algorithms. But while SEO is its main focus, Koala also helps with product reviews and promotions. And its simple dashboard makes the whole process easy from initial ideas to finishing touches. 

Free Plan TypeOffered for FreePaid Plans Start atNotable Paid FeaturesDrawbacks
One-time free use5,000 AI wordsKoala chatOutline editorMultiple tonesPoint of view selector$9Up to 1,000,000 words per monthGPT-4 Turbo accessUp to 10,000 Koala chat creditsAutomatic internal linkingBulk generationImage and video generationNo unlimited words for paid plansWords get deducted from Koala chat in the free plan

10. Smart Copy

Smart Copy specializes in creating landing pages, banners, emails, and more marketing stuff super fast. It has tons of campaign templates to help you start right away. 

Smart Copy - Content Generator

The developers have made these templates super detailed to make your job easier. For example, if you’re creating a landing page, you will be asked to provide key information about the topic one after another before it creates a detailed copy.

Surprisingly, you get full pages complete with buttons, bullet graphics, and CTAs. This saves hours on design work and ensures everything matches your brand perfectly. 

Besides, it has an interesting feature that lets you turn URLs into ads by scanning webpages, analyzing everything, and creating great ad copy filled with key details. Sadly, the free plan limits you to just 40 credits, whereas a 100-word page uses 30 alone. 

Free Plan TypeOffered for FreePaid Plans Start atNotable Paid FeaturesDrawbacks
Free Monthly Limits40 credits per month1 projectGrammarly built-in45+ templates$9Unlimited creditsUnlimited projects30+ LanguagesExtremely low free credit amount

11. Katteb

There’s been a lot of talks about Katteb because it does a great job checking facts. This is more than just fixing sentence patterns, as it analyzes what you write against real information to help keep things credible. 

Katteb- Content Generator

Katteb also optimizes articles, reports, and social media posts for better readability and retention with powerful synonym suggestions to improve your writing.

You’ll love the tool for collaborative writing since it allows multiple people to edit documents simultaneously. This is helpful for avoiding incorrect information while also improving how your writing looks. 

Katteb also has a news report generation feature, which is perfect for journalists and content creators who need fast, accurate stories. Its algorithms digest complex data and output invaluable user-friendly reports for researchers or businesses requiring data-driven content.

Similar to Koala AI, Katteb can develop blog posts from videos and turn videos into polished written versions. And its built-in grammar and plagiarism checking ensure the quality of writing is always high.

Free Plan TypeOffered for FreePaid Plans Start atNotable Paid FeaturesDrawbacks
Limited Free Trial5,000 AI wordsKatteb chatOutline editorURL writerIn-text citations$9Up to 1,500,000 words per monthGPT-4 Turbo accessBulk generationAuto internal linking100+ LanguagesOnly 15k words for $9No unlimited words for paid plans

12. Paragraph AI

Paragraph AI works best as an assistant that helps your writing rather than doing it for you. Aside from generating text based on prompts, it can offer suggestions for sentence structure, expanding your vocabulary, and adjusting tone. 

Paragraph AI - Content Generator

The AI also rewords and improves your content to help overcome writer’s block.   And there are tons of other uses too, like creating social posts and suggesting hashtags. Also, it can generate formal documents including press releases, sales materials, manuals, and reports.

You can also install the Chrome extension to use Paragraph AI anywhere you type from Google Docs to email and profiles. Disappointingly, though, the free plan is limited to just 5 uses each day. That doesn’t sound like a lot, since this AI is just for paragraphs, not full blog posts or long articles.

Free Plan TypeOffered for FreePaid Plans Start atNotable Paid FeaturesDrawbacks
Free Daily Limits5 Uses per dayChrome extensionTone suggestions$9.99Unlimited use30+ LanguagesDoesn’t work for long-form content

13.Jenni AI

Jenni AI presents itself as a specialist in creating nicely structured essays and research papers. The tool is aimed at busy students and researchers, who can use it to brainstorm ideas, set up outlines, and improve content.  

Jenni AI Content Generator

It lets you focus on the quality of your arguments instead of getting stuck in the actual writing. In particular, you’ll love how Jenni’s “write ahead” function produces full sentences to keep narratives moving forward productively. 

That’s a perfect solution for writer’s block, as it keeps you moving along. Besides, Jenni provides tools to check how well your arguments and content flow together. And with journal citation suggestions, it ensures your research has solid backup sources. 

You’ll require a paid subscription to access all these features, though. But charging only for the writing you accept from the AI makes it a more customized and affordable option if you’re on a budget. 

Free Plan TypeOffered for FreePaid Plans Start atNotable Paid FeaturesDrawbacks
Free Daily Limits200 words per dayAI autocompleteAI commands$20Unlimited words30+ LanguagesJournal citationsUnlimited PDF uploadsLimtied writing tones

14. Scalenut

Scalenut is unique because it strongly focuses on SEO optimization. It doesn’t just help write articles but ensures content ranks on page one of Google search and consistently drives qualified traffic.

Scalenut Content Generator

It generates relevant high-volume keywords based on topics, groups them into clusters for each, and provides accurate metrics like difficulty and search volume. Moreover, it also gives competitor strategy insights. 

Scalenut also analyzes SERP data to provide a complete SEO-friendly outline with mapped H2s and H3s, ensuring the generated text covers all relevant info. What’s more, it writes in your brand voice by detecting tone from existing articles. You choose the desired voice or presets, like informative or humorous.

However, to make the most of it, you’ll still need a better-writing knowledge with SEO experience. This is because Scalenut isn’t optimized as well as its competitors for writing only.

Free Plan TypeOffered for FreePaid Plans Start atNotable Paid FeaturesDrawbacks
7-day Free Trial1 project to test all paid features$19Unlimited wordsKeyword clusteringAudit competitorsNLP key termsTraffic insights40+ TemplatesLimited projects, even on paid plans

15. ChatGPT

ChatGPT has been the hottest topic of all since its launch in 2022. And that is because of its revolutionary way of chatting and understanding what people say. 

ChatGPT Content Generator

Beyond just understanding prompts, it can draft emails, code, poems, blogs, stories, and more with context in mind. These valuable skills make ChatGPT an essential writer’s tool, especially for learning and entertainment, setting a new standard in human-AI interaction. 

You can accomplish almost anything with it, even complex tasks usually requiring deep understanding. And best of all, ChatGPT integrates smoothly across apps and platforms with its flexible API. 

It has the ultimate free version that provides unlimited conversations and wide functionality at no cost at all. However, it still needs guidance and context to work accurately as output quality relies on input quality – you get what you give, as they say.

Free Plan TypeOffered for FreePaid Plans Start atNotable Paid FeaturesDrawbacks
Free ForeverGPT-3.5Unlimited conversations$20GPT-4Real-time dataImage generationPlugins for more functionalitiesIsn’t useful unless you input better prompts

16. Claude AI

Claude AI, developed by Anthropic, stands out for its exceptional conversational skills and human-like responses. Although not specifically a content creator, it can help generate and improve writing through natural dialogue.

Claude AI - Content Generator

You can simply chat with Claude by typing, and it replies to you while assisting with writing tasks. It’s able to understand large contexts, which lets you have more engaging interactions with the bot compared to typical prompt-based AI.

For example, Claude can provide suggestions to develop story ideas, adjust tone, fix grammar issues, or rewrite sentences. This makes it a helpful writing companion. And being free with no limits makes Claude easily accessible to test out.

However, Claude is still in beta testing with limited functionality. So for now, it works better as a supplemental tool rather than replacing full-scale content creators. But its human-centric approach shows strong promise as capabilities grow.

Free Plan TypeOffered for FreePaid Plans Start atNotable Paid FeaturesDrawbacks
Free ForeverUnlimited messagesConversational interfaceUnderstands longer contexts$20Priority messaging during busy hoursIsn’t useful unless you input better promptsStill in beta

17. Google Bard

Google Bard is Google’s response to ChatGPT. Bard jumps ahead of most AI writing tools as it draws directly from Google’s huge collection of information. This gives the tool an incredibly expansive database to pull from.

Google Bard - Content Generator

While the details are still coming out, it appears Bard can create various types of content like blog posts, emails, stories, and more based on conversational prompts. And undoubtedly, Google promises high accuracy with verified facts.

Bard aims to combine the deep understanding of models like Claude with the creativity of tools like Copy AI and Jasper. This could make it the new leader of AI generators if it lives up to the expectations. And because of Google’s resources and AI expertise, Bard has some serious potential.

Free Plan TypeOffered for FreePaid Plans Start atNotable Paid FeaturesDrawbacks
Free ForeverUnlimited messagesConnection to Google’s knowledge baseAdvanced comprehension abilitiesNot availableNot applicableStill in early testing

18. WordTune

WordTune focuses specifically on helping business professionals sound more articulate and persuasive in writing. It works by providing instant suggestions as you type to improve clarity, vocabulary, flow, and more through AI-powered rephrases. 

WordTune - Content Generator

You either select the whole sentence or a part of it and ask WordTune to rewrite it for you in various tones and expressions with a click. So, rather than generating content directly like some tools, WordTune aids human writers to level up their skills. 

The browser extension lets you access WordTune’s help on any site or online document. Meaning you can get real-time writing guidance right from emails, docs, and messaging platforms.

With the free version, you only get ten uses per day, but for polishing day-to-day writing, it should suffice for most.

Free Plan TypeOffered for FreePaid Plans Start atNotable Paid FeaturesDrawbacks
Free Daily Limits10 uses per dayRephrasing in multiple tonesExpand or shorten sentences or sentence fragmentsText corrections$9.99Unlimited useCustom promptsUnlimited recommendationsUnlimited SummarizationsNo frameworksOnly suitable for writing sentences, not entire content

19. QuillBot

QuillBot specializes in paraphrasing content to make writing more engaging and avoid repetition. Unlike WordTune, which suggests improvements as you type, QuillBot entirely rewrites selected paragraphs or full articles.

QuillBot - Content Generator

It works well for things like updating content with fresh perspectives without losing context and details. This saves tons of editing work to keep articles up-to-date.

QuillBot also summarizes long pieces into concise overviews. These help grasp key points for research, note-taking, presentations, etc. without reading unnecessarily longer texts.

You can try the 3-day free trial of QuillBot Plus to test unlimited paraphrasing and summarization. But you still get a generous free monthly limit, which lets you do unlimited paraphrasing for anything under 125 words.

Free Plan TypeOffered for FreePaid Plans Start atNotable Paid FeaturesDrawbacks
Free ForeverUnlimited use for texts under 125 wordsRephrasing in multiple tones20+ Languages$4.17Unlimited useUnlimited SummarizationsCompare outputsNo custom text generation available

20. Monica AI

Unlike the rest of the tools we covered, Monica AI only works as a browser extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. It uses Open AI and Claude’s API to integrate directly with your browsing for on-the-spot writing assistance.

Monica AI - Content Generator

With a simple click, Monica AI reviews and suggests ways to improve whatever writing you’re doing, be it social media posts, emails, or any web-based text editor you’re working with. Its focus on real-time assistance makes writing more efficient.

Monica is also programmed to offer grammatical corrections, synonyms, and tone adjustments. However, since it relies on APIs, it has similar limitations, meaning it needs clear user prompts to work best.

Free Plan TypeOffered for FreePaid Plans Start atNotable Paid FeaturesDrawbacks
Free Daily Limits30 Queries per dayRephrasing in multiple tonesShortcuts for quick actions$9Unlimited useUnlimited SummarizationsImage generationReal-time web accessThe free version doesn’t save your chats


AI writing has been saving writers hours these days. The technology is also advancing, so this is just the start. Models like GPT-4 and Claude understand conversations so well now, and they are constantly improving. 

As they work together with tools like AI Buster, Copy AI, and Jasper, we can hope the quality of generated content will continue to rise. In the future, AI could excel at all types of content generation through truly collaborative human-AI partnerships. 

We can also expect costs to drop, so everyone can access these tools. For now, keep testing these best free AI content generators & AI writers to improve your workflow before investing in paid plans.

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