Best Articleforge Alternative You Can Choose in 2024

Articleforge has been trying to keep pace with user demands through its framework updates. But is this enough to remove the bad vibes surrounding Articleforge? 

It comes with some improvements indeed. However, the content generated by Articleforge still lacks precision, quality, and relevance.

So, what’s the best Articleforge Alternative that does the job with higher quality and precision?

Well, AI Buster is the best AI writing tool and a one-stop solution for SEO-optimized content. Its technology is miles ahead of Articleforge as a hassle-free auto-blogging tool with WordPress and Shopify integration.

Not just AI Buster, we’ve got four other alternatives you should look at as well. Let’s explore all of them in detail below. 

Why Look For an Articleforge Alternative?

The most common reason why people are looking for an alternative to Articleforge is their writing quality. This tool started out good but didn’t really keep up as technology evolved. 


Before you invest your precious money in an AI writing tool, you might expect an initial test of the tool for “free,” right? Unfortunately, Articleforge doesn’t offer a free trial. 

So, this can demotivate users to even start using Articleforge. 


Moreover, there is a vast disappointment regarding the authenticity or relevancy of the content they generate. The spelling and grammar errors add another layer of frustration. 


Articleforge doesn’t come with an extensive integration for bloggers such as WordPress. With such integration, the workflow becomes truly automated which you can’t get from this tool. 

Articleforge Alternative – Our Top 5 Choices

No matter what shortcoming of Articleforge bothers you, you can choose any of the 5 alternative tools listed below. 

From content quality to ease of use, pricing, special features, and so on, we have considered all major factors during our selection. 

1. AI Buster

Introducing AI Buster, the ultimate all-in-one blog automation tool that surpasses Articleforge in many aspects.

It grabs the first position in the list of alternatives for quite a few great reasons. 

AIbuster - Articleforge

Latest Artificial Intelligence

AI Buster harnesses the power of GPT 3.5 and 4 models and creates SEO-optimized articles without fluff, unlike Articleforge. Besides, AIBuster uses its own algorithm to fine-tune each output from GPT 4 and makes each word count.

Made for auto blogging

AI Buster focuses on WordPress auto-blogging with a strong emphasis on search intent and content quality. That means you get high-quality content in bulk on your website without the time-consuming research and monotonous writing. 

SEO Optimization in core

Unlike Articleforge’s struggle to maintain accuracy and relevance in content generation, AI Buster ensures precision while keeping search intent intact for high-quality final output. 

Direct publishing integration

The feature of AI Buster that amazed the entire marketing industry is its WordPress and Shopify integration with an automatic scheduling function. 

Simply set your preferred posting time, and this remarkable tool will publish 1000 SEO-optimized articles on your website without any manual effort required. 

Manual touch

AI Buster does a pretty good job at creating human-like content that resonates with people. However, if you think you need to rewrite or edit content, you can use the Edit Mode to rewrite or edit. You can also use this feature to create a single article. 

No Language limitation

Language limitations are a thing of the past with AI Buster.  While Articleforge disappoints users by supporting only seven languages, with AI Buster, you can publish blogs in 100 languages. 

You can now target the global audience to diverse users of different geographical locations. Moreover, with its flexible pricing options, AI Buster takes the lead.

Special Features:

On-page SEO optimization
Built-in plagiarism checker
100+ language support
1-click 1000 articles generation
Plan Price

2. ClosersCopy

When frustrated with difficulties producing captivating content using Articleforge, consider turning to ClosersCopy as a dependable alternative. 

Developed by Nico Engler in 2020, this AI copywriting tool offers numerous advanced Frameworks that assist in generating diverse types of content across various categories. 

Well, Frameworks are synonymous with copywriting styles or use cases that are commonly used in most AI writing tools. However, Closerscopy tried to present it with a unique name. And in this tool, you’ll get 63 different frameworks. 

You can easily access these frameworks via the left panel’s dedicated tab, and generate outcomes within 10–15 seconds. Fun fact, you’ll get five variants per framework to choose from.

We liked that ClosersCopy empowers users to produce content in an extensive array of over 100 languages. 

Moreover, it boasts a unique algorithm that allows users to fine-tune their desired creativity level on a sliding scale of 1-100.

Specifically, ClosersCopy’s Product promotion tools are meticulously crafted to generate eye-catching and captivating product names, product descriptions, and benefits that effortlessly seize the buyer’s attention.

However, despite its sleek and modern design interface utilizing vibrant colors, ClosersCopy may appear intricate and potentially overwhelming for beginners seeking simplicity.

Besides, the absence of options for customizing content tone and the relatively high cost associated with ClosersCopy’s subscription plans are factors worth considering. 

ClosersCopy - Articleforge

Special features:

3 Unique AI Generation Models
100+ language support 
50+ Marketing Frameworks and templates
Insights and Analytics
Multiple specialized frameworks
Pricing PlanCost

3. Jasper AI 

Jasper AI stands out as one of the AI writing tools when it comes to generating articles that closely resemble human writing. So, it’s going to be a reliable alternative to Article Forge.

Its success lies in using the state-of-the-art language prediction model, which has been trained on an impressive 175 billion parameter datasets. 

As a result, Jasper AI has become capable of producing highly accurate and relevant content across a wide range of topics.

With support for over 25 languages, Jasper AI provides flexibility across various linguistic backgrounds. However, they currently do not support Hindi and other regional languages.

Jasper AI also allows you to set your preferred tone from a diverse range manually. Alongside, it offers an array of over 70 AI writing templates for creating various types of content. 

Among these, templates like AIDA framework, Company Bio, Facebook Ad generators, etc., are incredibly popular among digital marketers. 

However, it is important to note that Jasper AI’s pricing falls on the expensive side of the spectrum and may not be suitable for all users’ budgets. 

Another shortcoming is, it doesn’t have customization of output quality or word count based on specific use cases may result in unnecessarily lengthy outputs in certain scenarios. 

Jasper AI - Articleforge 

Special Features:

Free Grammarly Integration
Powerful Boss Mode
65+ AI frameworks 
Chrome Extension
Preset tones and 25+ languages supported 
Pricing PlanCost
Business PlanCustomizable
Teams Plan$99/month
Creator Plan$39/month

4. Scalenut 

Do you want higher rankings on search engines and driving traffic but ready to spend time for each content? 

If so, replace Articleforge with this alternative AI tool: Scalenut. It’s an exceptional blend of SEO and AI content writing. 

Scalenut is widely regarded as one of the best AI SEO tools available, specifically catering to SEO-optimized long-form articles.

What sets Scalenut apart is its advanced analysis of top-performing search results, which enables users to effortlessly create article outlines and develop talking points for each section. 

The AI writer then utilizes these talking points to generate a comprehensive long-form article. Moreover, Scalenut provides a content editor that allows further optimization for long-tail keywords and real-time SEO scoring. 

Upon logging into your Scalenut account, you will be greeted by a user-friendly interface. The main screen showcases popular AI writing and SEO tools that can be accessed with just one click.

Scalenut offers a 7-day free trial of their paid plans to ensure customer satisfaction and informed decision-making. 

However, note that currently, Scalenut only supports content generation in the English language. Additionally, occasional grammatical errors or instances of plagiarism may still occur.

Scalenut - Articleforge

Special features:

On-page SEO optimization
Cruise Mode
AI templates
Keyword clustering
Pricing PlanCost
Monthly$39-customizable pricing
Yearly$19-customizable pricing 

5. TextCortex

If you’re seeking an alternative to Articleforge that will boost your productivity as a writer, TextCortex is the perfect solution. 

This AI writing tool can revolutionize your workflow by conserving up to 70% of your resources through its ability to generate content across 2,000 online platforms.

Its goal is to streamline the content creation process for multiple platforms, so you can focus on other crucial aspects of their business. 

With TextCortex, you can access 60 AI templates for creating various types of content, such as product descriptions, marketing materials, ad copies, stories, autocomplete text, cold emails, and support emails. 

Another helpful feature is the Knowledge Bases tab, where you can input knowledge connectors to customize the tone of voice. Additionally, a separate Rewrite section within the web app offers paraphrasing and expanding capabilities. 

The Free Plan of TextCortex is impressive as it allows 10 free creations per day without requiring credit card information. 

Sadly, TextCortex AI’s limitations lie in its tone or style. We expected a better tone, as close to human as possible, but it can’t deliver as afficiently. 

This is due to its reliance on generic templates and algorithms. Additionally, TextCortex AI faces difficulties when dealing with intricate or technical subjects that necessitate specialized knowledge or expertise.

TextCortex - Articleforge

Special features:

60+ AI templates
25+ Languages 
Knowledge Bases
Plagiarism check
Zeno mode and Chrome extension
Pricing PlanCost
Yearly$23.99-$83.99 (per month)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I integrate these Articleforge alternatives with my existing CMS?

You can’t integrate all the alternative tools in our list. However, you can integrate AI Buster with the popular CMS platform like WordPress, making it easy to publish generated content directly to your website.

How do I choose the right Articleforge alternative for my needs?

When looking for the ideal AI writing tool for your specific needs, it is crucial to carefully analyze aspects such as pricing plans, available features, ease of use, customer reviews, and integration options. Consider what holds the utmost importance to you in an AI writing tool.

Which alternative offers the most accurate and high-quality content?

Several alternatives on our list are known for their accuracy and high-quality content generation. 
As the most sophisticated one, we recommend checking out AI Buster or Jasper for this purpose. Also, Closerscopy won’t disappoint you. 


There are a ton of various options that can enhance your content marketing and blogging needs.

After testing a bunch, we’ve listed the best 5 for you. Now go ahead start your wizerdy with the one you like the most. 

Our suggestion is to try out each and settle for one as each has something unique to offer. 

Where Scalenut offers good SEO features, AI Buster does pretty much everything on autonomy, leaving only Keywords to you. 

Let us know how you’re planning to use the tool you selected and how it’s helping you succeed with blogging. 

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