6 Best AiReviewEngine Alternatives | Features, Pros and Cons (2024)

AI Review Engine is an automated plugin that can instantly write, optimize and post product reviews generated from any URL. While AI Review Engine offers a WordPress autoblogging plugin for creating review sites, it comes with certain limitations. 

AI Review Engine limitations include potential inaccuracies for certain products, difficulty with complex topics, and challenges in maintaining the original style. It may also face compatibility issues with some WordPress themes and plugins, lacking a refund or support policy.

Exploring alternatives to AI Review Engine? We’ve curated a list of the 6 best AI ReviewEngine alternatives.

Let’s explore them!

Quick Comparison Chart Of AiReviewEngine Alternatives

Before we dive into the details, let’s compare these AiReviewEngine Alternative tools at a glance:

FeatureAI BusterFraseJasper AIWriteCreamAI Wise MindScalenut
Content GenerationUp to 1000 customizable SEO articles in one clickAI-driven SEO content briefsAI power for various content purposesChatGPT for diverse content creationSEO optimized articles and product reviewsAI writing for SEO, content optimization, and publishing
IntegrationEasily integrates with WordPressIntegrates with Google Search ConsoleUser-friendly interfaceChatGenie for interactive chatIntegrates with WordPressAll-in-one platform for content creation and marketing
Language SupportUp to 100 languages with translation featureEnglishWrites content in 30+ languagesAccess information in 75+ languagesSupports multiple languagesSpecializes in just English language
SEO OptimizationSEO optimization with keywords, meta tags, etc.Content relevance insights from top search resultsSEO capabilities for optimizationCustomizable SEO featuresStrategic headings and subheadingsComprehensive SEO tools and keyword planning
Cost & Plans$1 Trial for 50K words, then $39/month for 200K words$39/month for 200K words$39/month for 100K words$29/month for around 100,000 characters$12/month for 500 articles$39/month for 100K words
Additional InformationCustomizable and scalableOrganize documents into project foldersAI commands for customizationUser-friendly dashboard for schedulingRequires payment for OpenAI in addition to AiWiseMindTechnical issues reported, features may be limited

Now let’s get into the detailed discussion of the 6 best AiReviewEngine Alternatives!

1. AI Buster

AI Buster is a leading AI auto-blogging solution designed to simplify content creation for your website or blog. 

It uses advanced natural language generation (NLG) to craft original and customizable articles on your chosen topics, offering flexibility in language, format, and SEO optimization.

Ai Buster Autoblogging

Key Features:

Write content on any topic or niche by providing a keyword or title.
Generate content in multiple languages and translate with a click.
Create various formats like blog posts, product reviews, and how-to guides.
Optimize content for SEO with keywords, meta tags, images, and links.
Schedule automatic publication with frequency and interval settings.


  • Fast and reliable content generation, saving time and effort.
  • Cost-effective, scalable, and eliminates the need for additional hires.
  • Flexible and customizable to suit specific requirements.
  • User-friendly, intuitive, and easily integrated with WordPress.
  • Secure and respects privacy, with content ownership in users’ hands.List item


  • It doesn’t provide free domain or hosting services for WordPress blogging.
  • You must invest in a good hosting and domain service to use AI Buster effectively.


Trial: 50K AI words for 3 days at just $1.
Startup: Starting at $39/month, it offers 200K words with all the premium features.
Mid Label: 500K AI Words with all pro features at just $99/month.

Don’t want to miss the fine-tuning touch of professional Amazon reviews? Go for the AI Buster trial plan for just a bare minimum cost. Moreover, you’ll get the opportunity to cancel anytime. 

2. Frase

Frase stands out as an influential SEO content optimization tool and AI writer, aiming to elevate your content to Google’s top ranks. 

It also streamlines content optimization through Google Search Console insights and content scoring, saving time, enhancing communication, and increasing organic traffic.

Frase autoblogging

Key Features:

Instantly create comprehensive SEO content briefs using Frase AI.
Utilize an intuitive editor with word processor features for writing and editing.
Receive real-time feedback on content relevance to search intent and user needs.
Organize documents into project folders, assigning statuses to track progress.


  • Achieve Google-ranking content with insights from top search results.
  • Save time and costs with automated research, outlining, and AI-generated content suggestions.
  • Flexible and customizable to suit specific requirements.


  • Limited document credits and AI-generated words on Solo and Basic plans may be insufficient for some users.
  • Frase exclusively supports English, limiting its usability for diverse markets and audiences.
  • Absence of a free plan or trial may discourage potential users from exploring the tool.


Solo: $14.99 per month for just 4 Document credits
Basic: $44.99 per month for 30 Document Credits
Pro: $114.99 per month for Unlimited documents

3. Jasper AI

Jasper AI is an advanced writing tool with AI power to generate high-quality written content. It’s an innovative tool that has revolutionized the way content is generated and refined.

Jasper AI autoblogging

Key Features

Offers a wide range of templates to generate content for different purposes.
Long-form editor allows users to create longer pieces of content with ease.
AI commands allow users to customize content and generate more accurate results.
Its SEO capabilities help users optimize their content for search engines.


  • It is easy to use and requires no technical knowledge.
  • The quality of the output generated by Jasper AI is good and comparable to that of human writers.
  • Jasper AI is cheaper than hiring a human writer.


  • The templates can be limiting for users who want more control over their content.
  • Jasper AI does not come with a built-in plagiarism checker.

Pricing & Plans

Creator: $39/month for 1 user with 50 Knowledge assets and 50 templates
Team: $99/month for 3 user with 150 Knowledge asset and customizable templates
Business: Custom pricing with all the features in Team plan

4. WriteCream

Writecream uses ChatGPT to create all sorts of content quickly and affordably, from emails and ads to social media posts. 

It also offers extras like AI Art, Voiceovers, Command Mode, and ChatGenie for visuals, audio, and interactive chat. It’s your go-to tool for easy and cost-effective content creation.

WriteCream autoblogging

Key Features:

Generate diverse content effortlessly with AI Writer, crafting articles, blogs, product descriptions, and more. 
Swiftly creates stunning visuals, logos, and icons based on your prompts. 
Offer realistic audio for podcasts, videos, ads, and presentations, with customizable features. 
Command Mode lets you unlock Writecream’s full potential, instructing AI for specific content needs. 
A smart chatbot, provides fun, learning, and assistance, accessing information in over 75 languages.


  • Save time, money, and effort by creating diverse content like emails, ads & social posts.
  • Crafts personalized, engaging, and original content to attract and convert your audience.
  • Enhances creativity with features like AI Art, Voiceovers, and ChatGenie.


  • Content lacks accuracy, relevance, or grammatical correctness, requiring human editing.
  • Ethical & legal compliance is a concern as content may not align with industry regulation.
  • Customization is necessary, as content may not reflect your brand voice and style.


Free Plan: 10,000 characters of text, 10 images, 10 minutes of audio.
Pro Plan: $29/month for 100,000 characters of text, 100 images and audio minutes.
Enterprise Plan: Unlimited text, images, and audio generation.

5. Ai Wise Mind

AIWiseMind is a revolutionary tool that helps affiliate and online marketers create, schedule, and publish SEO-optimized content on autopilot. 

It uses cutting-edge AI technology to generate high-quality articles and product reviews that adhere to Google’s guidelines.

Ai Wise Mind

Key Features:

Uses AI to craft high-quality, SEO-rich content for affiliate and informational websites.
Integrates with WordPress, automating, scheduling, and publishing posts with links and KWs.
Creates engaging product reviews highlighting benefits, features, pros, and cons.
Schedule, edit, delete, or update posts effortlessly using the user-friendly dashboard.


  • SEO-optimized articles with strategic headings and subheadings
  • Automatic syncing, posting, editing, and updating of content
  • Content scheduler for customizable publishing schedule.
  • Auto-embedding of media for enhanced content.


  • Requires payment for OpenAI in addition to AiWiseMind.
  • The basic plan doesn’t let you access all the features.


Base: $12/month for up to 500 articles per month without any advanced features.
Essentials: $37/month for up to 100 articles with premium features.
Standard: $67/month for up to 250 articles per month.

6. Scalenut

ScaleNut is an AI-powered SEO and content marketing platform that automates the content creation process, saving 90% of the time while driving 10x more organic traffic. 

ScaleNut offers keyword planning, NLP-powered topic research, AI writing, content optimization, and publishing, all in a single app.


Key Features:

Provides everything you need to plan, research, create, optimize, and publish content.
Uses deep learning models and NLP terms to improve readability and optimize content.
Offers top-notch SEO tools that generate detailed research reports on the top contents.
Gives you an edge over your competition and helps to attract more traffic.


  • It saves time and effort by eliminating the need to switch between different tools.
  • Helps you create high-quality content in a matter of minutes.
  • Identifies competitors’ strengths and weaknesses for improved content strategy.


  • Pricing plans are not very transparent or affordable compared to other AI writing tools.
  • Features are limited compared to some other AI writing tools.
  • Users faced technical issues like slow loading speed, glitches, and errors in the output.


Essential: $39/month for 100K words and 5 articles
Growth: $79/month for 30 articles and all features of Essential plan
Pro: $149/ Month for 75 articles and all premium features

Want to craft content on any topic or niche and optimize for SEO effortlessly with keywords, meta tags, images, and links? 

Try AI Buster, as it specializes in Amazon reviews, SaaS reviews and other review content generation in just one click. Just provide the title and keyword, and you’re good to go!

Save time, money, and boost productivity for your Affiliate or Amazon review sites at an affordable cost. 


As the name resembles, AiReviewEngine is specially focused on review contents. However, it is expensive compared to other alternatives and does have some limitations as well. Why not give AI Buster a try at half the cost of other alternatives, without compromising on content quality? 

It creates SEO-optimized contents effortlessly with keywords, meta tags, images, and links. You can also schedule automatic publication tailored to your frequency and intervals.

Say goodbye to tedious writing tasks and hello to fast, reliable, and customizable content creation.

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