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10 Best AI Content Detectors in 2024 (Future Proof Your Content)

While AI-generated content seems to be an easy and fast way of getting content out there, it also comes with potential setbacks.

The notable drawbacks are being unethical are inaccuracy and superficiality. 

As AI becomes more sentient, the question arises, how do you tell the difference between what’s written by humans and what’s written by AI?

With the help of AI content detectors of course. But that arises the new question, which detector does the job better? 

Well, that’s the question you’re getting an answer to in this article. 

Let’s get into that.

How Do AI Content Detectors Work?

You probably have read AI-generated content before and felt nothing weird about it. On top of that, it might have felt easy to read and follow along. 

That is basically the whole point of AI content and it is also how AI content detectors catch AI-generated content.

Two things differentiate between AI-generated content and human-written content. 

They are perplexity and burstiness. 


It’s the unpredictability of a sentence. AI-generated content tends to be logical, and coherent and follows an exact process which makes it more predictable than human writing.

The nuances of human writing like adages and other creative language choices make it highly perplexing meaning it has more depth and richness in the text.


On the other hand, burstiness is text length and structure. AI-generated content tends to have a similar text structure and less tonal variation. This again makes the text predictable to some extent.

Combining the analysis of both perplexity and burstiness, it is possible to understand whether content is AI-generated or not.

How to Choose the Best AI Content Detector?

Let’s look at the things that you should focus on while choosing an AI content detector:

Language Model Support

After ChatGPT 3, there has been a surge in AI model generation. As a reliable AI content detector, it should be able to detect from a plethora of models including the likes of GPT 3.5, GPT 4, Claude, and Bard.


The AI content detector needs to be consistent in its output. That is, it needs to be able to produce a consistent track record with minimal mistakes and accurate detections.

Scaling Options

The length of the content shouldn’t be the limiting factor for an AI content detector. It needs to be able to detect large volumes of content with the same accuracy every time.


The detector should provide control to your hand. You should be able to decide which aspect to focus on to tailor to your specific needs.

Report Structuring

It should include a report with the content that has been checked. Usually, it should contain which part stood out as AI-written and what percentage of the actual document it entails.

Cross Platform Compatibility

Cross-platform compatibility is usually not an issue considering the AI detection tools are cloud-based solutions. Even then, it should be compatible with different platforms.

Note: There are AI content writing tools that look at all these things while developing their tools. For example, AI buster has its own algorithms to counteract all AI detector tools in the market. Check it out for yourself! 

Best AI Content Detectors of 2024

1. Copyleaks

Copyleaks is for those looking for an enterprise-grade solution. It’s best suited for marketing and copywriting agencies as they provide AI detection services at an affordable rate. 

The platform claims a 99.12% accuracy in detecting AI-generated content through the likes of GPT 4, Bard, or Jasper.

We of course put their claims to the test and found that they indeed live up to their claims. It might be off by a few percent at times but the tool didn’t make any grave mistakes.

Copyleaks AI Content Detector

What Stood Out

Sentence wise analysis
LMS integration
Can detect source codes
Supports 30 languages as of November 2023
OCR integration feature for easy PDF scans

The limitations

The output might be laggy at times as it can process large files
No inherent editing option within the tool

Copyleaks Pricing

Copyleaks has both monthly and yearly billing system that works through their token. A 1200-page content with 250 words per page would roughly cost around $9.16 per month based on their yearly plan.

2. ZeroGPT

ZeroGPT is for those looking for a fast, easy, and simple solution. Unlike Copyleaks, it’s more geared towards educators and content curators with their minimal approach. Right now the platform supports English, French, Indonesian, German, and Hindi. 

However, the best feature of the ZeroGPT is the use of the ZeroGPT API. This allows ZeroGPT to be deployed as an independent tool for different apps. 

For example, you may use it as your browser extension and the ZeroGPT would be able to give you real-time data on which content is AI-written or not. 

The API intuitively highlights the AI content so that you can judge the reliability of any content. 

ZeroGPT AI Content Detector

What we Liked

Easy to navigate UI
No limit to how much text can be processed at the same time

The Limitations

No batch upload feature

ZeroGPT Pricing

ZeroGPT is free as of now.

3. Winston AI

Winston AI is for the geeks out there with all the AI detection information you could think of. 

The platform has a standalone dashboard to analyze and understand different intricacies. You can analyze the percentage of AI-generated content, word count, human score, and other actionable features.

Thanks to its OCR technology, users can use any format of text ranging from docx to jpg or even png files.

Winston AI claims that it has about a 99.6% accuracy rate and it also comes with sentence-level analysis for advanced AI detection.

Winston AI- AI Content Detector

What we Liked

Can work with handwritten text
OCR feature
Convenient and easy-to-use interface
Has a free option

The Limitations

The language support is relatively low compared to the competitors
The reporting option lacks features

Winston AI Pricing

There is a free version of Winston AI along with Essential and Advanced options. The Essential bundle costs $12 per month up to 80K words monthly. The Advanced bundle costs $19 per month up to 200K words per month.

4. Passed.AI

You probably guessed from the name who this one is for. Passed.Ai is geared towards educators and institutions to accurately detect the use of AI and plagiarism in reports and assignments.

It uses Originality.AI’s algorithm as well as leading NLP models to strengthen the detection process.

Passed.AI uses an audit trail on the entire document to essentially reconstruct how content is developed. 

This process can essentially capture if the content is developed using AI and then rephrased at certain parts to avoid detection.

Passed.AI- AI Content Detector

What we Liked

LMS integration
Military standard encryption
Document trail audit
Multiple model support

The Limitations

Not made for long-form editors
Doesn’t recognize proprietary datasets

Passed.AI Pricing

Passed.AI has three different pricing options. Users can choose from Starter, Teacher, and institution options. The Starter and Teacher option costs $12 and $35 per month.


The full form of GLTR is the Giant Language Model Test Room. This is a joint venture between IBM-MIT and Harvard NLP Group. 

GLTR is designed to detect content generated through the GPT-2 model.

The tool uses a complex set of predicting algorithms to check for the placement of a specific repeating word in a sentence. 

As AI-generated texts tend to have less perplexity and less burstiness, the tool can accurately predict that. It can tel whether the content is AI-generated or not by analyzing the pattern of sentence structure and its wording.

GLTR- AI Content Detector

What we Liked

Provides complete forensic analysis
Uses complex histogram mapping to deliver the output
Free to use

The Limitations

The support is limited to GPT-2 only
Can’t work reliably with newer NLP like GPT-3 or GPT-4

GLTR Pricing

GLTR is free to use to date.

6. Crossplag

While tools like GLTR use complex text analysis to understand whether the content is AI-written or not, Crossplag uses AI to detect AI. 

The popular plagiarism detection tool has developed its AI detection feature. They trained it to differentiate between the pattern of AI-generated content and human-generated content.

While technically, it is a less reliable method compared to audit-based results, it can still accurately detect AI-generated content albeit with minor errors. 

Crossplag doesn’t provide sentence-level analysis. Instead, users will be getting percentage statistics on how much of a content is generated using AI.

Crossplag - AI Content Detector

What we Liked

Easy-to-navigate interface
Takes considerably less time for the results
Trained with over 1.5B parameters

The Limitations

Only supports English as of now

Crossplag Pricing

Contact their support team to get a quote on enterprise-grade pricing.

7. Content at Scale

Content at Scale is another AI content detection tool that uses a trained model to detect whether content is developed using AI or humans. 

It can even detect whether the content has been fully developed by AI and then restructured to avoid getting caught.

Content at Scale uses the same principle as Crossplag as it has been trained with thousands of online content to understand the structure of AI-written content and human-written content. 

Based on the knowledge, content at scale can provide sentence-level analysis as well and show which line is likely to be written by AI.

Content at Scale - AI Content Detector

What we Liked

Support of over 100 languages
Up to 25000 words entry
Sentence level analysis
Can restructure the content that can bypass AI detection

The Limitations

Doesn’t have a reporting structure
Not as reliable as content-level auditing tools

Content at Scale Pricing

Content at Scale is completely free to use.

8. Writer AI Content Detector Tool

Write AI content detector tool is an all-in-one solution for AI-generated content. It has generative AI features along with plagiarism detection and AI content detection capabilities. 

The writer is mainly noted for its high-level third-party integration features.

For most AI detection tools, users will have to either use batch file upload or manually copy-paste the content for examination. 

But with Writer AI, the integration lets users automatically check for AI-generated content without having to navigate or press anything.

However, the Writer doesn’t provide sentence-level analysis. Rather users will be getting a percentage outline on how much is AI written or how much is human written.

Writer AI Content Detector Tool

What we Liked

Detects all the leading NLP models
Batch upload feature
High level of third-party integration
Teams use feature

The Limitations

Per analysis, the word limit is 1500 words

Writer AI Content Detector Tool Pricing

There are three pricing models. One is free with a basic AI detection feature. Another is the Teams (can consist of up to 5 people). 

It costs $18 per user per month. The last one is the enterprise solution which provides custom quotes based on the user requirements.

9. AI Detector Pro

The thing about most AI detection tools is that they are geared to do just one thing – detect AI-generated content. 

But when you consider the lifecycle of publishable content, you understand that there are a whole lot of other verticals that come into play. 

It can be from sentence-level analysis to suggesting a replacement for the identified AI part.

AI Detector Pro uses its custom-trained neural network to analyze and understand the AI-generated content. 

It then uses the same neural engine to suggest an alternative wording for the detected phrases.

AI Detector Pro

What we Liked

Sentence level analysis
Alternative generative AI for detected content that is difficult to bypass
API access
URL scanner
Over 30+ content research and development tool

The Limitations

Only supports English.

AI Detector Pro Pricing

There is a limited free plan with AI Detector Pro. There is also a basic plan that comes in at $13.99 and an unlimited plan that comes in at $24.99.

10. Originality.AI

When it comes to the best service as an AI detector tool, Originality.AI tops our list. Why? It’s simply because of the host of features it brings to the table. Originality.AI is an all-in-one solution for all your content.

We found that Originality.AI provides 83% accuracy on ChatGPT and 99% accuracy on the GPT-4 model. 

Additionally, the platform has tools for fact-checking, team management, plagiarism checking as well and readability scores.

Originality.AI is more geared towards content developers and SEO specialists as it lets them understand the different intricacies of content development as well as trace AI usage through sentence-level analysis.


What we Liked

Combination of several tools
Report options
Team management
Fact-checking tool
API integration options

The Limitations

Lack of options in their pricing model

Originality.AI Pricing

There are two pricing options on the Originality. AI. One is pay-as-you-go and the other is the baseline subscription. For pay-as-you-go, users will be getting 3000 credits for $30. Each credit can scan 100 words.

For the monthly subscription, users will be getting 2000 credits for $14.95 per month. The same credit rate applies to monthly subscriptions as well.

Is It Possible to Bypass AI Detection Tools?

While most AI detector tools are trained models specifically designed to detect AI-written content, it is sometimes easy to bypass them. 

Remember the two principles of AI content? Perplexity and burstiness.

If you can retouch your content to be more perplexing and have more burstiness, then sure, you can bypass AI detection tools. 

For example, you can humanize your content with personal anecdotes and writing styles to make it more natural. That eliminates the bulk content publishing though. 

Now, what if you want to produce content in bulk?

Or if you do not want to take that trouble, you can choose the best AI content generator that counteracts the technologies the tools above use. 

AI Buster can generate 1000s of content for your WordPress or Shopify website for blogging needs. 

It has PAA automation module that imitates the natural human style of talking and writing content. 

You can use its info automation modules to write and publish content to be as human-like and as original as possible. 

It really is the best option when it comes to automating your content. Give AI buster a try with over 50,000 words for only $1.

Final Words

With the emergence of AI, we’re living in a world of possibilities that were not deemed possible before. But now there is also the question of what is written by humans and what is written by AI.

AI detector tools have been remarkably accurate at differentiating between these two. With more and more NLP models, the AI detector tools are also becoming more and more advanced thanks to the new parameter training. 

However, compared to parameter training, the AI detector tool that uses sentence-level analysis is more reliable in providing accurate results. 

And if you’re still up for AI content production for bulk AI blogging, you have AI buster to counteract AI Content detectors. 

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