Best Agilitywriter Alternative You Can Choose in 2024

The lack of control and customization after paying a hefty fee for Agilitywriter can be a big disappointment. 

While an alternative becomes inevitable, which one should you go with?

Well, we recommend AI Buster if you require a complete AI-writing solution with SEO optimization for successful blogging and marketing.

And yes, we have four more alternatives in our bucket reviewed here. Going through these alternatives will give you a clear idea of what to go with.

Why Look For an Agilitywriter Alternative?

A common concern regarding Agilitywriter is the lack of customization options or limited control over the content written by this tool. 

We also went through this annoyance during our test as sometimes the end result seemed nothing but useless, and we had nothing to do before it finished. 

In addition, the pricing structure isn’t suitable for a solo marketer or if it’s your first investment in an AI writing tool. 

Above all, the tool brings a big disappointment when you require a specific tone or style in your writing that speaks as your brand. 

Let’s not forget, you don’t get cross-functional integration with Agilitywriter like WordPress or Shopify. As a result, you still have to do a lot of manual jobs to publish your content. 

Agilitywriter Alternative – Our Top 5 Choices

Considering the shortcomings along with some other vital factors, we have selected the following 5 Agilitywriter alternatives. We’ve considered the obvious criteria and more, such as ease of use, content quality, special features, etc.

Check them below.

1. AI Buster

What if I told you that you could write, create images for, and publish thousands of articles with just one click? 

We assume the answer is no. Even during this era of the AI revolution, most AI tools lack such an extraordinary capability. 

Luckily, AI Buster defies these limitations and has grabbed the first position on our top-rated list. Although relatively new in the world of AI content creation, AI Buster has captivated the industry like no other tool before. 

AIbuster - Agilitywriter

Superior quality

Unlike Agilitywriter’s struggles to maintain accuracy and a natural tone, AI Buster excels in both areas. It preserves search intent for exceptional final output and makes sure each content serves its target audience with utmost relevance.

Not only that, it creates AI images while publishing content so you get better engagement and SEO results. 

SEO Optimization

AI Buster team has poured their utmost dedication into enhancing content quality, from the language used to SEO optimization. This tool goes above and beyond to ensure your content stands out and ranks high.

Manual editing 

Flexibility of fine-tuning generated content is important, even if we have everything on automation. You can use the powerful editor of AI Buster to edit the generated content afterwards. 

Publish in bulk 

Whether you’re starting fresh or looking for a replacement for Agilitywriter, AI Buster will prove a major blogging tool and an asset in your arsenal. It generates 1000s of articles with just one click.

Publishing automation

AI Buster has integration with both WordPress and Shopify which will help you publish your content directly to your website. 

You don’t have to put any effort to draft, schedule, or publish each content. The tool will do everything for you. 

And the cherry on top? You can schedule a whole year of content in one minute and AI Buster will keep publishing them on set time. 

Special Features:

On-page SEO optimization
Built-in plagiarism checker
100+ language support
1-click 1000 articles generation
Pricing Plan Price

2. Zimmwriter

Zimmwriter AI is an innovative alternative to that revolutionizes how businesses create captivating content. With its powerful AI capabilities, ZimmWriter generates compelling blogs, articles, product descriptions, and social media posts.

Unlike other AI tools that are cloud-based, ZimmWriter operates as a desktop program. It gives users complete control over their files and AI outputs, saved directly in their local folder. 

Plus, you have the flexibility of using the Open AI API key, paying only for what you use, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

That’s not all. ZimmWriter takes content creation to new heights by enabling you to craft SERP-friendly content effortlessly. 

It can generate lengthy 6,000-word blog posts in seconds, leveraging SEO keywords from your preferred SEO tools. 

ZimmWriter’s Bulk Generation feature can be a game-changer if you’re working on large-scale projects or campaigns. 

Configuring your Open AI key is not very difficult, and the app provides comprehensive instructions to guide you through the process. 

However, this may be inconvenient if you are not interested in dealing with Open AI keys and setting them up. 

Additionally, it lacks built-in grammar and plagiarism checks and WordPress integration. If your sole purpose for purchasing the tool is for bulk blog generation, this is something worth considering.

Zimmwriter- Agilitywriter

Special Features:

Tracking writer progress
Magic Commands and Advanced Triggers
1-Click Blog Writer
Local SEO Buffet
Penny Arcade
Pricing PlanCost
Monthly Payment$14.97
Yearly Payment$127
One Time Payment (Lifetime Deal)$297

3. NeuronWriter

NeuronWriter represents a cutting-edge NLP-driven SEO optimization and AI writing solution that has recently hit the market. 

Leveraging the latest advancements in GPT 3 technology, Da Vinci (v2), NeuronWriter generates top-notch content that boasts both logical coherence and factual precision. 

NeuronWriter has an easy, user friendly interface to work with. Its lightning-fast loading speeds and is impressively designed with sleek aesthetics. 

However, upon initial inspection, newcomers might get overwhelmed by the plethora of functions packed into its editor interface. 

Moreover, they offer an array of pre-made templates, effectively merging content generation and optimization into a unified powerhouse tool. 

NeuronWriter even performs estimations on competitors’ highly-rated content, YouTube blogs, or relevant Google SERPs. It helps users to handpick the most desirable competitors boasting the finest content scores. 

Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine the uniqueness of the final output text as there is no plagiarism checker. 

Besides, while the Content Quality Checklist provides a readability score, it does not provide any guidance on improving it. Occasionally, the formatting gets disrupted when transferring content from WordPress. 

NeuronWriter- Agilitywriter

Special Features:

SERP Analysis
Content ideas
WordPress Integration
Internal link suggestions
170+ languages
Pricing PlanCost
Monthly Plan$23-$117
Yearly Plan $228-$1164


At the fourth position of our list, we have, an AI-driven platform that facilitates the automatic generation and publishing of blog posts. 

This platform leverages natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to analyze and interpret existing content. As a result, it can generate fresh blog posts reflecting users’ preferences and style choices. 

At its core, has ChatGPT with subsequent versions along with SEO integration. The tool offers three different usage modes depending on your requirements so you can take full advantage of its features.

However, fine-tuning and tweaking the final output is always required for great quality output. 

Also, there are customizable blog post templates that aid in creating consistent and professional blogs without requiring any design expertise. 

Another notable feature of (they call it Content Curation) is its capacity to generate summaries of existing content while providing appropriate attribution. 

However, the question of legality arises here as it uses RSS plugins to copy content from other articles, possibly without permission; this could result in serious repercussions for you. 

Moreover, due to extra customization options, Pro Mode tends to take more time to generate articles. Worst of all, the final output may often be plagued with plagiarism. Agilitywriter

Special Features:

One Click Article Generator
Instant Bulk Articles
Social media integration 
Customizable templates and AI Images
HTML Formatting
Pricing PlanCost
Monthly Plan$49-$249
Yearly Plan$399-$1999

5. was primarily created to assist in content planning and SEO optimization. In addition, Frase offers an AI writing tool that generates unique content. 

The integration of this tool has positioned Frase as a strong competitor against other AI content writing tools and a superior alternative to AgilityWriter. 

What sets Frase apart from others in this domain is its ability to structure content based on top-ranking search results and optimize it for SEO. The generated content is well-written and possesses a relatively human-like quality. 

Well, it’s logical that content does not reach the same level of proficiency as content crafted by a professional human writer. Using the Frase AI writing tool is remarkably easy and straightforward. 

Upon logging into your Frase profile, you can start a new document and input your main keyword as the target search query. From there, Frase diligently examines the top search results related to your query and aids in structuring your content accordingly.

Frase can maintain a consistent tone of voice and writing style throughout the content it generates. 

Additionally, Frase simplifies the process of designing content briefs in under 2 minutes – an invaluable feature for busy professionals seeking efficiency.

However, where Frase falls short is its inability to consistently produce well-crafted introductions. It’s an integral part of any blog post aiming to captivate readers from the beginning.

Furthermore, while generally effective as a tool, there are instances where Frase’s keyword suggestions may lack accuracy when compared to alternative options. - Agilitywriter

Special Features:

Automated content briefs.
Content scoring capability.
Google search console integration.
SEO-optimized copy
Frase Answer Engine
Pricing PlanCost
Solo$14.99/mo$12.66/mo (if paid annually)
Basic$44.99/mo$38.25/mo (if paid annually)
Team$114.99/mo$97.75/mo (if paid annually)

Frequently Asked Questions

What features make an AI tool a better alternative to Agilitywriter?

When considering alternatives to Agilitywriter, it’s important to look for features such as easy integration with existing systems. 
You also have to look at customizable content designs, natural language processing capabilities, analytics and reporting tools, and multi-channel support.

Will switching from Agilitywriter to an alternative disrupt my workflow?

Initially, there may be a need for adjustment when transitioning from one AI writing tool to another as you become acquainted with new features and workflows. Nevertheless, the alternatives we have chosen offer exceptional guidance, and especially AI Buster is user-friendly.

How do I choose the best alternative for my requirements?

To choose the best alternative for your requirements, consider factors such as ease of use, scalability, supported channels & languages, community support/documentation availability, and whether it aligns with your budget constraints or business goals.


Just because Agilitywriter has a decent user base doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for you if it can’t meet your needs and expectations. 

Now that you know the best alternatives to Agilitywriter, you can expect much better results from them. 

It’s up to your blogging needs which tool is worth your hard-earned money. But if you’re after a tool that can do it all and set you free, AI Buster can be your savior. 

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