6 Best Alternatives to Articoolo for Instant Blog Writing in 2024

Tired of Articoolo’s limitations and looking for better alternatives to level up your content creation game? It is tough to create content, especially when you’re aiming for consistency. 

Articoolo is a decent article generator which was a go-to for many, but it’s not the best. You tell it the topic and word count, and it spins a tale just like magic. 

But you need to be clear in your command line instructions, providing a plot for the AI to follow. Not to mention, It also has other cons, pushing you to seek better alternatives.

However, you’ll find plenty of other tools out there with similar features. That’s why it’s tricky to find the perfect fit for you. But nothing to stress about, we’ve got you covered! 

We’ve handpicked a list of alternatives with all the info you need – features, pricing, and more. Seems easy, right? Let’s explore the options to enhance your content creation journey!

Articoolo: What Is It?

Articoolo, created by an Israeli company, uses an algorithm to generate proofread content like a human writer. The goal is to make content creation faster, cost-effective, and enjoyable. 

This online software lets you create articles by entering a topic or keywords, often referred to as an automatic article builder or generator. 

Started by a group of experts in 2014, Articoolo got upgraded with Natural Language Processing(NLP) and AI in 2016. 

However, users still felt the quality wasn’t quite up to par, and it’s the key reason that led most users to search for better Articoolo alternatives.

Why Consider Articoolo Alternatives for Content Generation?

Articoolo uses AI and natural language processing(NLP) to whip up unique content. But most users say it’s not all that great. So, why bother with Articoolo alternatives? Here’s why:

Hard to read: Articoolo often dishes out content with grammar boo-boos, spelling hiccups, and awkward sentences. It might need some manual TLC to make it smooth and clear.
Off-topic rambles: Sometimes, Articoolo misses the mark, generating content that’s too broad, vague, or just off-topic. In this case, you may have to do some content reshuffling.
Too short: Articoolo tends to keep it brief, usually between 350 to 750 words. If you need more meat in your content sandwich, you’ll have to beef it up yourself.
SEO slip-ups: It might not always sprinkle that SEO magic, missing out on the right keywords and tags. Here, you need to do some tweaking or use other tools for that sweet spot on Google.List item

With that said, we hope you see that checking out other options instead of Articoolo is the smart move. So, let’s dive into them now!

6 Best Articoolo Alternatives To Craft Contents Automatically

Lots of talking is done about Articoolo, which is more than enough to prove the importance of finding the best Articoolo alternatives for automated content creation. 

Without any further ado, let’s discuss the replacements of Articoolo, one by one!

1. AI Buster

If you want a better alternative to Articoolo for creating top-notch, original content using AI, switch to AI Buster. It’s an online tool using AI and human touch to create content automatically.

Ai Buster is perfect for WordPress and Shopify for all content generation needs. It taps into GPT 3.5 Turbo and GPT 4 models for SEO-friendly content. 

Edit and personalize with human-like output. Save time, money, and effort in crafting engaging content.

AI Buster Articoolo

Key Features:

AI Buster has many features that make it the best Articoolo alternative, such as:

Generate articles in one click: Enter your niche keywords, click, and AI Buster creates and publishes 1,000 articles on your WordPress or Shopify site.
Multiple ready modules: Choose from various article types like blog posts, Amazon product reviews, recipe articles, Versus articles, info automation and more to cater to your audience.
Effortless Publishing: Worried about publishing? Stress not with AI buster. Publish content on various platforms like your website, blog, or social media, or schedule posts for convenience.
SEO-Friendly Articles: Ai Buster is always aligned with SEO aspects. All content is SEO-friendly and designed to boost your ranking on SERPs.
Plagiarism-free: Rest easy knowing AI Buster generates content that’s unique and free from plagiarism. It employs various methods to guarantee originality, eliminating copyright concerns.
Multilingual support: With support for over 100 languages, AI Buster lets you create content in your preferred language. A fantastic feature for businesses to connect with a global audience.

Pricing Plans of AI Buster:

AI Buster offers multiple plans to fit your needs:

Trial: Dive into AI Buster with a 3-day $1 trial, offering 50,000 AI words. Perfect for personal use or testing, it includes access to all premium features.
Starter: Enjoy the premium plan at $39 monthly or $399 annually, offering 200K AI words and encompassing all features.
Mid Label: Elevate your content creation with up to 500K AI words and all pro features of the Starter Plan at just $99/month.
Professional: With all the premium features, you’ll get 2 Million Ai words, and a 3 day free trial for just $199/month. 

Try it for 3 days with full access for just $1. Cancel anytime for a refund. Create top-notch content effortlessly with AI Buster. Ready to boost your content? 

2. Article Forge

Article Forge creates unique articles on any topic using advanced technology. You can customize format, subject, and word count. 

It’s known as a top AI authoring tool, using sophisticated algorithms to provide fresh content regularly. The generated articles are grammatically and structurally sound.


Key Features:

Here are the key features that proves Article Forge as a great alternative of Articoolo:

Easy Article Creation: Beat writer’s block with Article Forge’s AI. Input your topic, get articles in minutes. No more hours of writing and research – focus on your ideas, let it do the rest.
Built-in SEO: Article Forge boosts your content’s visibility in search results. It adds relevant keywords seamlessly. No SEO expertise needed – it does all for better rankings and traffic.
Versatile Content: Whether one article or many, Article Forge adapts. Generate single pieces or multiple articles on different topics simultaneously. 
Engaging & Formatted: Say goodbye to plain text. Article Forge automatically formats with titles, headings, and paragraphs. You can also add images and videos for reader engagement.
Originality Assurance: Worried about plagiarism? It ensures content that passes copy checks. No recycled content, no copyright issues– just quality articles for confident publishing.

Pricing Plans of Article Forge:

Article Forge provides 2 basic plans with a custom plan, including a 5 day free trial plan. 

Monthly: You’ll get 25K, 100K, 250K, and 500K words for $27, $57, $127, and $247 for monthly billing. 
Yearly: At almost 50% discount, you’ll get all the features mentioned above for just $13, $27, $57, and $127 for yearly billing. 
Business: Regardless of the billing period, you’ll get up to 500K words for unlimited users at a custom rate based on your business demand.

3. SEO Content Machine

SEO Content Machine stands out as one of the oldest SEO tools in the digital market. As a pioneer in its category, it’s advanced enough to be considered a leading alternative to Articoolo. 

True to its name, the software provides all the necessary tools and features to craft SEO optimized contents. Plus, it’s versatile enough to assist in creating essays for students.

SEO Content Machine Articoolo

Key Features:

SEO Content Machine outshines the competition with a remarkable set of features. Here’s a closer look at what makes it stand out as the best alternative:

Mass Article Creation: SEO Content Machine stands out by effortlessly generating thousands of articles in one go. Just input the keywords, and you’re set.
Multilingual Capabilities: Similar to Articoolo and its counterparts, SEO Content Machine flexes its muscles in multilingual content creation. 
Structured Content: Beyond plain text, SEO Content Machine elevates your content with automatic additions like headings, subheadings, Q&A sections, and lists for readability.
Automated Publishing: It goes the extra mile by offering scheduling and automatic publishing of blog posts directly to your WordPress site. Get a steady flow of content without manual effort.List item

Pricing Plans:

Here are the pricing plans of SEO Content Machine:

Starter plan: $9 per month, includes 500,000 AI writer credits and no AI paraphraser characters.
Pro plan: $35 per month, includes 2,000,000 AI credits without paraphrasing features.
Agency plan: $59 per month, for 4,000,000 AI writer credits with no paraphrasers.
Fallback license: $80 per year, allows you to use a specific version of SCM without an active subscription for it. This purchase includes one year of updates for free.List item

4. Article Builder

As its name suggests, Article Builder excels in constructing articles based on minimal keywords. 

Whether you’re a budding blogger, freelance writer, scholar, or anyone with consistent content demands, Article Builder steps in as a valuable alternative to Articoolo. 

With a substantial user base and commendable article generation capabilities, it proves itself as a trustworthy choice.

Article Builder Articoolo

Key Features:

Let’s have a quick look at the key features of Article Builder:

Extensive Topic Coverage: Article Builder stands out as the top alternative, offering over 140 topics and niches, including highly popular subjects.
Super Spun Article Collection: Enjoy a vast collection of super spun articles, ensuring that content generated is claimed to be at least 90% unique.
Rich Repository of Images: Access a broad collection of high-quality images, ready to be used multiple times within your articles.
Powerful API Integration: Article Builder provides an extensive set of APIs, enabling seamless integration with your website or other tools and software.

Pricing Plans:

Article Builder simplifies pricing with a single plan at $127 per year, providing unlimited access to its comprehensive features. For developers, the API is available at $1 per 1000 words. 

Joining Article Builder includes a bonus package featuring 10 super spun articles, 1.7 GB of high-quality images, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

5. Copy AI

If you’re a marketer or business owner looking to optimize your time and resources for content creation, explore Copy AI. With its user-friendly design, even beginners can quickly master it. 

The UI is straightforward, featuring a standard web service menu on the left and a work area on the right for easy navigation.

Copy AI supports the creation of marketing copy, Instagram captions, social media posts, and long-form content.

Copy AI Articoolo

Key Features:

These are the crucial features that makes it a worthy Articoolo alternative:

Customizable Content: Tailor the tone, style, and format to align with your brand or personal preferences.
Helpful Resources: Easily access tutorials covering product usage, pricing details, available plans, and any discounts.
Plagiarism Checker: Verify content originality with consistently low plagiarism ratings. Publish content instantly without copy concerns.
Versatile Content Creation: Make various content types like blog posts, marketing copy, and product descriptions.
Time-Efficient Workflow: Significantly reduce brainstorming time for a more efficient writing process.
Overcome Writer’s Block: Get creative suggestions to overcome challenges and enhance your content.

Pricing Plans:

Here are the pricing plans of Copy AI:

Free: Ideal for beginners, includes 1 seat, 2K words in chat, 200 bonus credits, and is free forever, no credit card needed.
Pro: Offers 5 seats, unlimited chat words, 500 workflow credits per month, and prioritized support. All these for just $36/ month (annual billing) or $49/month (monthly billing).
Team: This plan provides 20 seats, unlimited chat words, 3K monthly workflow credits, and great support. Get this at $186/month on annual billing or $249/month on monthly billing.
Growth: In this plan you’ll get up to 75 seats, unlimited chat words, 20K workflow credits per month. Grab all features at $1,000/month if billed annually or $1,349/month if billed monthly.

6. Writesonic

WriteSonic is this awesome platform that uses AI to help with writing, copywriting, and paraphrasing. It even has AI chatbot services – it’s like your one-stop-shop for all things content!

Guess what? It’s been around since 2021 and has gathered 2 million users who absolutely love it. People rave about how it beats writer’s block and makes creating marketing stuff a breeze.

It plays super nicely with Google, Knowledge Graph, and SEO optimization. That means you get content that’s not just well-written but also totally on trend and totally on brand. 

Additionally, WriteSonic enhances personalized chat experiences. Now let’s take a deeper look at what WriteSonic offers!

Writesonic Articoolo

Key Features:

These are some of the highlighted features of Writesonic:

Diverse Content Creation: Effortlessly produces various content types like blog posts, landing pages, ad copy, headlines, slogans, and product descriptions.
AI Chatbot Training: Develops and customizes intelligent AI chatbots with Chatsonic and Botsonic, ensuring personalized responses for customers.
Visual Content Enhancement: Utilizes Photosonic to create captivating digital artwork, elevating the visual appeal of content for better engagement.
Quality Feedback: Provides valuable feedback, suggestions, and best practices to enhance overall content quality.
Scalable Distribution: Supports scalable content creation and distribution, allowing for multiple variations across different platforms.
Idea Generation: Sparks creativity and innovation by generating new ideas and perspectives for content development.

Pricing Plans:

Writesonic basically provides three pricing plans to suit different user needs:

Starter: $29/month or $290/year, 75 credits/month, access to all essential features
Professional: $99/month or $990/year, 300 credits/month, all premium features with unlimited revisions.
Business: $199/month or $1,990/year, 1,000 credits/month, same features as Professional, plus phone support and dedicated account manager.

Feeling bored? Still unable to find the perfect fit? Want to overcome Articoolo’s limitations? Make the switch to Ai Buster, the overall best alternative to Articoolo. 

With advanced features, user-friendly customization, and seamless integration, Ai Buster offers a smooth and efficient writing experience.


After exploring both free and paid alternatives, we hope you’ve found the perfect Articoolo replacement. If not, consider trying those with a free trial for a better decision. 

Short on time? In my opinion, AI Buster stands out with top-notch features and article quality. While Article Forge is good, its pro plan is pretty costly. 

If budget isn’t an issue, give Copy AI or WriteSonic a shot. This guide aims to simplify your search for Articoolo alternatives, helping you choose one that fits your budget and writing style. 

Enjoy your writing!

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