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Top 8 AI Tagline Generators for Your Business’ Quick Branding

When creating brand awareness and identity, what’s the most important thing? Well, you may not believe me, but it’s the tagline of your brand!

What comes to your mind when you think about KFC or Nike? “Finger Lick’in Good” and “Just Do It“, right? The good part is now you can get such unique, engaging, and perpetual taglines with the help of AI tagline generators. 

Here, we present the top 8 AI tagline generators for your business’ quick branding. From shoe, food, arts and crafts to other industries, our suggested tagline generators will create and deliver the best taglines for your brand. 

Our guideline will also unlock insider secrets, key features, pricing, and hidden gems of the AI champions. So, get ready to unleash the power of words through AI and dominate the market with your brand’s unique taglines. 

Top 8 AI Tagline Generators for Your Business’ Quick Branding

Are you looking for unique, elusive, and catchy taglines for business and products? Let’s supercharge the game of catchy taglines with these top 8 AI powerhouses. They are ready to ignite your brand identity with punchy, memorable slogans.

Tagline Generator Best forTop Features
Get GenieUser-friendly & versatileAI content generatorTwo taglines/promptIntegrates with platforms
Google BardUnlimited flexibility & controlTrainableGenerates numerous taglinesYou can set tone & word limit
Grammarly AI Slogan GeneratorSimple & effectivemulti-step process, 5 taglines/queryEasily customizable
Shopify Slogan MakerE-commerce businessesIndustry-specific suggestions Analyze Shopify store
Zyro by HostingerBeginners & fast resultsKeyword focusFree basic planIntegrates with various platforms with API 
Ahrefs AI Slogan GeneratorMultiple languages NLP integrationDetailed customizationFree to use for all 
Oberlo’s AI Slogan GeneratorDropshipping businessesIntegrates with Shopify, Analyzes trendsTargets demographics
SloganGenerator.coBrainstorming & quick ideasTemplate-basedFree taglines with adsLimited keyword input

1. Get Genie

Get Genie - AI Tagline Generators

Get Genie is our most favorite AI tagline generator for its user-friendly interface and awesome features. It is primarily an AI content generator; but it comes with 37+ AI templates to generate different content as well, including business taglines. 

Once you register, choose “Tagline Templates” from its templates, and you are all set for it. You can input your product name and description, and it will create a punchy and trendy tagline within seconds.

You can create multiple taglines with each prompt. So, you have the liberty to choose from the favorites. 

Get Genie01

Get Genie is perfect for producing bulk taglines for your e-commerce product ads and content. If you need more than taglines, you can choose the “Write” package that gives you 50000 AI words, 40 SEO keywords, and 30 images for a complete business modeling. 

Last but not least, you can integrate it with WordPress and WooCommerce. So, you get a complete business solution that directly imports content to your website and reduces your workload. 

Top Features:

Integration with WordPress, WooCommerce, and other platforms 
Web editor for those who don’t use WordPress 
User-friendly and simple interface for non-tech-savvy people 
Offers multiple taglines for each prompt 
It includes complete SEO and content packages for heavy users and agencies 


Starter: Free and No Credit Card Required
Agency Unlimited: $99/ Month
Pro: $49/Month
Writer: $19/Month 

2. Google Gemini 

Google Gemini - AI Tagline Generators

Are you surprised to see Google Bard in this list? Well, Gemini, or formerly known as Google Bard, offers powerful uses of words, and once you train it well, you can get some fantastic taglines for businesses and brands.

The best part of using Google Gemini to generate taglines is its unlimited capability. You can use product description, the description and mission of your brands, and related keywords. 

Finally, you can instruct it to write taglines for you. Also, you can use words such as “Formal,” “Informal,” “Catchy,” and “Trendy” to let Google Bard know what types of taglines you want. 

On top of it, you can even mention the number of words you want for the tagline and the tone of it. Plus, it gives you the unique opportunity to generate 1 to 100 or even more taglines at the same time. So, you are completely free to use Google Bard to generate taglines. 

You can see in the below picture how we instructed it to create five catchy and related taglines for our company. So, why don’t you unlock the power of Google Gemini to get the best taglines for your businesses? 

Google Gemini 01

Top Features:

You can train it in multiple ways to get taglines 
Generates numerous taglines simultaneously for free 
You can set the tone, word limit, and type of tagline you want 
Easy to use with a simple and minimalistic UI 
Fun to use with words and instructions to play around 


Bard Experiment is free to use 

3. Grammarly AI-Slogan Generator:

Grammarly - AI Tagline Generators

People have been using Grammarly to check grammar, minor mistakes, and the tone of their articles for years. Well, did you know it can generate taglines and slogans for you? 

Yes, Grammarly recently introduced their AI Slogan Generator that you can use to get punchy, perpetual, and unique taglines. 

Like Google Bard, the AI tagline generator of Grammarly is simple and effective. It has different steps with the on-screen instructions to get the perfect tagline within minutes that aligns with your brand. 

  1. Enter Target Audience: Input the audience you target to attract for your services or products. 
  2. Add business, product, or campaign details: Here, describe your brand so the AI understands your business purpose.
  3. Add Tone of Voice: Give a detailed description of the tone you want for the tagline. 

Then, within minutes this AI-Slogan Generator will give you a perfect tagline.

In the below image, you can see how we created five unique taglines for our company that focused on website development and design based on Webflow. So, you can customize the tagline generator to get your desired ones. 

Grammarly AI-Slogan Generator01

It’s in the Beta stage but offers remarkable taglines. The key is to instruct it properly with your product description and brand goal. 

However, at times, you might not like going through the steps to train and instruct the AI tagline generators. Also, you might want a completely automated process. So, for you our recommendation is, “Shopify Slogan Maker.

Top Features:

Usable with three steps only for quick taglines 
Provides five taglines to choose from for your business 
You can set the tone and type of tagline here 
Highly customizable through its description and audience box 
You can create the taglines even without signing up for it 


Free: $0/ month
Premium: $12/ month, 
Business: $15/member/month

4. Shopify Slogan Maker

Shopify Slogan Maker

Maybe you have been using Shopify for your e-commerce business and looking to generate unique slogans for products! 

Well, why switch to a different AI generator for taglines when Shopify offers it with even more features and functions? 

Yes, Shopify Slogan Maker is a secret weapon for crafting magnetic slogans that wait for your revelation. 

Unlike generic tagline generators, Shopify Slogan Maker taps directly into your store’s DNA. So, it will analyze your products and target audience to create more focused and creative taglines. 

These taglines are more relatable to your niche and speak directly to your customers.

Moreover, Shopify has billions of products within it. So, Shopify Slogan Maker understands the unique language and trends of your industry. It helps you create compelling slogans for particular niches and products. 

Whether you’re selling handmade crafts, trendy apparel, or cutting-edge tech gadgets, its taglines will always be the most unique and connecting ones for the competitive landscape.

But Shopify Slogan Maker isn’t just about options; its about results. You can instantly generate dozens of catchy, memorable taglines with a simple instruction for your products.

Shopify Slogan Maker01

Also, the taglines will capture your brand to connect with your audience. Therefore, you don’t need to waste time brainstorming and instructing the tagline generator anymore. 

You can start attracting customers with a slogan that truly reflects the uniqueness of your business and products. Plus, Shopify Slogan Maker is a budget-friendly option. It offers free tagline generation even within signing up. 

As your business grows, upgrade to paid plans. It will unlock advanced features and customization options. It will ensure that you find the perfect tagline without exceeding your budget.

Top Features:

Generates hundreds of taglines within seconds for multiple products 
No need to train or instruct the tagline generator; enter the product or business name, and it’s done. 
It will connect directly to your Shopify store, analyze products and target audience to generate taglines.
The AI tagline generator provides industry-specific taglines for a cohesive brand message and image 


Shopify Slogan Maker is free to use 

5. Zyro by Hostinger

Zyro by Hostinger- AI Tagline Generators

Zyro is another easy-to-use and fast AI tagline generator that creates captivating taglines within seconds. It needs you to include one or multiple keywords for your brand and business. 

Once you input the related keywords, Zyro will generate the taglines. It offers you multiple taglines. So, you can choose the best one that fits your brand identity or product. 

However, the benefits of Zyro don’t stop here! If you don’t like the generated taglines, you can craft slogans again to get a new set of tagline suggestions. Therefore, you can get hundreds of taglines in reality. 

Zyro by Hostinger- AI Tagline Generators01

Besides an AI tagline generator, Zyro includes an AI Writer, AI background Remover, Heatmap, Image Upscaler, and title generator. It means you can subscribe to it to get a complete package for your website and e-commerce business. 

Finally, it offers Zyro API, which you can use to integrate with different platforms, including Webflow, WooCommerce, and WordPress. The integration is simple with little knowledge of coding. Also, it provides you with unique customization offers. 

Top Features:

User-friendly design makes tagline generation quick and painless, ideal for beginners.
Enter keywords, and it will generate taglines relevant to your niche and industry. 
You can access a limited number of taglines for free, suitable for testing and beginners. 
You can choose between monthly, yearly, and even customized plans for the API section. Also, its yearly plan gives you one website domain.  


$143.88 per year 
2 years package at $287.76 $62.16
Monthly package $11.99 

PS: During subscription, you will get 50% to 75% discounts that will reduce the pricing considerably.

6. Ahrefs AI Slogan Generator

Ahrefs - AI Tagline Generators

As website owners and e-commerce business person, Ahrefs should be already familiar to you. 

Now, it’s time to generate taglines with its free slogan generator. The best part about AHrefs AI generator for taglines and slogans is that it works in multiple languages. 

Whether you need taglines in English, Arabic, French, Bengali, Spanish, etc., it is ready to meet your requirements. It opens up a world of new chances for business and branding in different regions. 

On top of it, Ahrefs uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) to generate these taglines. So, the slogans will be more specific to your niche and connect with the audience better. Also, you will love its various customization options as you want. 

You can enter a detailed description of your business or products to generate the tagline. Also, you can choose from 3, 5, and 10 variants to specify the number of taglines you want. There’s also an option to choose the tone you want for the tagline. 

As you see, you have multiple customization options that free you from any limitations of generating AI-based taglines. 

The following image shows how Ahref crafted five taglines for a company that focuses on Webflow websites, isn’t it impressive? 

Ahrefs AI Slogan Generator01

As you see, you can even immediately translate and rephrase the slogans. It is best for more specific results and uniqueness. 

Top Features:

Available in multiple languages with NLP integration for uniqueness 
Quick customization facilities with different variants and tones 
Allows detailed description of your business for more specific results 


Ahrefs AI Slogan Generator is free to use 

7. Oberlo’s AI Slogan Generator

Oberlo's - AI Tagline Generators

The AI tagline generator for Oberlo is designed specifically for dropshipping businesses. You can integrate it with Shopify to create unique, catchy, and snappy taglines for products and services.

Since Oberlo taps into the world of dropshipping, it gives you better results. 

Once you integrate it with the Shopify store, it will analyze trends and product types to create relevant and unique taglines for you. 

Also, it considers your target demographics and interests to create the taglines. Thus, it will increase engagement and conversion rates.

Moreover, you will find its seamless integration more than useful. If you’re already using Oberlo platform, generating taglines becomes even more effortless. You can input the product details, and the tool will show its creative magic. 

Also, do you have a tagline idea in mind? If so, Oberlo Slogan Generator, with its variations, will help you refine your concept and explore fresh perspectives. The customization of Oberlo Slogan Generator will, thus, unlock compelling messaging and take your dropshipping business to the next level.

Top Features:

Super-easy to use without any technical knowledge 
Quick integration with Shopify store for seamless use 
You can customize the taglines with different variations


Free limited tagline generation with Oberlo Basic plan
Unlimited tagline creation with Oberlo Pro plan 

8. SloganGenerator.co

SloganGenerator- AI Tagline Generators

Do you need template-based and quick taglines to boost your business? If so, SloganGenerator.co is more than perfect for you. 

It offers free taglines, including your company name. If you need to get some unique ideas to brainstorm, and create a unique one, it’s a great platform. 

SloganGenerator- AI Tagline Generators 01

As you generate slogans, you will see ads on the top. It can be slightly disturbing. 

Also, it only lets you enter 10 characters as keywords which is a big setback. Nonetheless, it offers you unique ideas that you can work on and use in other platforms for better results. 

Top Features:

Ideal for initial brainstorming and tagline plans 
Ad-based tagline generations without any costs 
You can use keywords or brand names for slogans 


Free to use 


The top 8 AI tagline generators for your business will surely elevate your brand to a new level with short, catchy, and trendy taglines. These AI tagline and slogan generators will give you great ideas based on your product and instructions. 

We recommend you use multiple AI tagline generators and find the best fit for your branding. But from our end, we figure Get Genie to produce better results than other paid tools.

And if you’re looking for a free tool, go for Google Gemini. You can play with keywords, instructions, and wordings to level up the game with unlimited prompts.

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