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AI Content for SEO: 8 Popular Writing Tools Tested

Ever since generative AI technology emerged, people had mixed reactions – excitement, fear, and innovative ideas. 

While some tinkered with AI tools, few effectively used AI content writing tools in their daily work. Considering many aspects, AI writing tech is still in its early stages. 

According to Forbes Advisor, 97% of business owners believe AI content tools can benefit their company. One in three plans to use them for website content soon.

At the same time, the SEO community is uncertain about how Google treats AI content. Will Google penalize pages with machine-written text? We’ll find it later in detail. 

Day-by-day new AI writing tools are entering the market. And that makes it tricky to find the perfect fit for your content generation demands.

Worried a bit? Nothing to be concerned about! This guide will get you through 8 popular AI writing tools, covering features, pros, cons, ease of use, and pricing. 

AI Writing Tools: One-Click Generators vs. Writing Assistants

Choosing the right AI writing tool depends on your needs and goals. Here’s a breakdown of the two primary types of AI writing tools::

FeatureOne-Click AI Article GeneratorsAI Writing Assistants
FocusSpeed and ease of useAssisting and enhancing your writing
FunctionGenerate full articles with minimal input, often just keywords or a titleOffer suggestions for grammar, style, clarity, and plagiarism checks. Can also paraphrase, expand sentences, and provide creative options
ProsFast content creation
Ideal for basic articles or overcoming writer’s block
Can provide ideas and inspiration
Improve writing quality and efficiency
More control over content and voice
Facilitate better originality and avoid plagiarism
ConsQuality can be inconsistent
Requires significant editing for accuracy and style
Limited control over content and voice
Often lack originality and may plagiarize existing content
Requires more input and effort from you
Might not be as fast as one-click generators
Suitable forSimple blog posts, social media content, product descriptions (with caution)Serious writers, bloggers, students, professionals, and anyone who wants to improve AI output with a manual touch

Google’s Stance On AI Content And SEO

Google doesn’t say no to using AI-generated content for SEO, but it emphasizes that human-written content is key. AI shouldn’t be your only SEO strategy. 

Think of Google like a picky reader: 

Google wants well-written, helpful content that people actually enjoy reading. While AI tools can be fun to play with, Google prefers content written by real people who understand the topic and care about providing value.

Here’s why:

Quality matters most: According to Search Quality Rater Guidelines, Google wants to show users the best possible answers, not just fluff generated by machines.
Be an expert: Google values content from people who know what they’re talking about. AI tools can’t replace real knowledge and experience.
Help people, not cheat: Google rewards websites that genuinely help users, not those trying to trick the system with AI-made content.

AI tools can still be useful:

Breakthrough writer’s block: Need a spark? AI can suggest ideas or get you started.
Improve your writing: Some tools help with grammar and clarity, making your writing shine.

But remember:

You’re in charge: Don’t rely solely on AI. Edit, add your own knowledge, and make sure the content is truly helpful.
Focus on humans: Write for people, not search engines. Google can tell the difference, and readers will appreciate it too.

Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller suggests putting effort into making user-friendly content instead of depending solely on AI.

So, use AI as a helper, not a replacement. Write valuable content, and Google might just reward you with better SEO magic!

That is the reason why using content produced directly by ChatGPT can be penalized. 

Well, that’s where good quality 3rd party AI tools can get the human part done for you! 

Good tools automate the human touches that we put to AI-generated regular content. They optimize the content for SEO and do all the proofreading and editing, before delivering human-like content.

Things To Consider When Choosing AI Content Writing Tools

The field of AI-powered content writing tools are advancing day by day. That’s why, it’s crucial to carefully consider the key features before choosing your preferred one. 

Here are key considerations to keep in mind:

1. Robust learning model: Opt for AI tools that are built on a solid foundation of extensive training data and language models to ensure the generation of high-quality outputs.

2. Output customization control: Choose a tool that allows you to specify the style, tone, voice, and language of the generated content. This flexibility is essential for tailoring content to different audiences and contexts.

3. Seamless accessibility: Integration with your existing workflow is vital for efficiency. Look for AI content writing tools that can easily integrate into the programs you already use, minimizing the need to switch between screens and applications.

4. Conversational interface: Prioritize tools employing natural language processing to create a more conversational interaction. This enables you to refine prompts as the tool responds, ensuring the output aligns closely with your requirements.

5. Affordability: Keep an eye on the pricing and feature changes in the evolving market of AI content writing tools. Strive for a balance between power and affordability to make the most of your investment as the technology develops.

8 Popular Writing Tools For SEO Content In 2024

We’ve thoroughly tested the most popular AI tools to identify the best ones for creators, entrepreneurs, content marketers, and anyone pursuing their passion. 

Here are the top 8 AI writing tools for content creation available today:

1. AI Buster

AI Buster is an excellent tool that utilizes GPT 3.5 and 4 models to craft SEO-optimized articles. It stands out with detailed, readable, and consistently engaging content compared to other tools.

It is one of the best free AI content generation tools for WordPress and Shopify sites. It is capable of generating up to 1000 articles in one click. 

On top of that, you can automatically generate info blog posts, Amazon product reviews, SaaS reviews, recipe articles, versus articles, PAA articles, and much more effortlessly. 

With AI Buster, you’re not bound to any specific languages, as it can write content in up to 100 languages. It’s perfect for websites with a global target audience.

Let’s introduce you to the key features of AI Buster!

AI Buster Blog automation

Key Features of AI Buster:

Trial: $1 trial, 50,000 AI words, full premium access.
Starter: $39/month or $399 annually, 200K AI words, all premium features.
Mid Label: $99/month, up to 500K AI words, including pro features.
Professional: $199/month, 2 Million AI words, full premium access, 3-day free trial.
Tier 1: $399/month, 5 million AI words, all premium features with $1 trial available
Tier 2: $699/month, 10 million AI words, including premium access with free trial

If you’re planning for faster auto blogging for your WordPress or Shopify site, Ai Buster would be the best pick. Not sure whether to choose or not? No Worries! Try the trial plan. 

2. Rytr

Rytr, a popular AI writing assistant, is designed to assist with various content creation tasks, from YouTube video descriptions to social media bios. 

Operating on GPT-3, it offers specific features for easy text creation. Using Rytr is easy, involving specifying language, tone, creativity, providing a title, and inputting keywords.

Rytr’s Blog Section Writing feature generates one section at a time. This means you must create sections independently and switch inputs for each new part to avoid repetitive content. 

Despite this limitation, Rytr produces a concise and coherent copy of around 850 words, making it easily understandable.

Rytr Blog automation

Key Features:

Multilingual and Multifaceted Content Creation: Generate diverse content in 30+ languages and 20+ styles, from blog posts to social media ads (no more writer’s block!).
SEO Optimization and Originality Assurance: Get keyword and plagiarism suggestions as you write, ensuring your content ranks high and stays original.
AI-Generated Text and Imagery: Not just words, Rytr even generates images based on your prompts! Double the impact, half the effort.
Personalized Playground: Craft custom content templates as a premium user, tailoring Rytr to your specific needs and workflow.
Professional Portfolio Integration: Showcase your best work directly through Rytr, making connections and landing gigs a breeze.

Pricing Plans:

Rytr offers three pricing plans:

Free: Up to 10,000 characters/month, good for basic features.
Saver: $9/month (or $90/year), 50,000 characters, multiple languages/tones/styles. 
Unlimited: $29/month (or $290/year), unlimited characters, all Saver features + custom use cases, API access, dedicated account manager, priority support. 

3. Frase

Frase is an all-in-one tool for content creation and SEO, designed for writers and marketers. It assists throughout the entire workflow, from research and writing to SEO analytics.

Unlike some tools using GPT-3, Frase runs through its own AI, which is called Frase NLG (Natural Language Generation).

The unique feature of Frase is its promise to automatically create SEO-friendly content, eliminating the need for extensive optimization efforts.

Using Frase is straightforward: you choose the language, enter the title, and select the creativity level. The tool then generates a 500-word article automatically, with no control over the length.

While Frase’s SEO Tools module is dedicated to SEO routines, it’s not designed for writing long texts. However, it proves useful for optimizing existing content and analyzing SERP competitors.

Frase Blog automation

Key Features:

AI Content Generation: Frase helps create content effortlessly, from briefs and outlines to complete articles, saving time and sparking creative ideas.
SEO Optimization: It optimizes your content for search engines by analyzing competitors, suggesting keywords, and providing a score with improvement tips.
Content Analysis: Frase evaluates your existing content, highlighting areas for improvement in grammar, clarity, and keyword usage.
User-Friendly: With an easy-to-use interface, Frase is suitable for both experienced and beginner content creators, requiring no special training.
Regular Updates: Frase ensures your toolkit is always current with the latest features and improvements through frequent updates released by their team.

Pricing Plans:

Frase offers 3 paid plans and an add-on option:

Solo: Ideal for starting out or occasional use. Write and optimize 4 articles per month for $14.99/mo. You’ll get basic support and 1 user seat.
Basic: Perfect for regular content creation. Provides 30+ articles/month for 1 user at $44.99/month. Enjoy features like AI-generated text suggestions and content scoring. 
Team: Best for collaborative content creation. Get unlimited articles for 3 users at $114.99/mo. Access Pro features like site-wide content analytics, custom templates, and content scoring.
Pro Add-on: Includes unlimited Ai words at $35/mo (with SERP data analytics, and priority support).

4. GrowthBar

If you’re a content writer on a budget and need a tool for writing and optimizing blog posts for SEO, consider GrowthBar. 

It efficiently scans Google results, generating briefs with essential info for high-ranking blog posts. This includes keywords, ideal length, internal and external link suggestions, and more.

GrowthBar Blog automation

Key Features:

Collaborative Content Creation: Teams can work together on generating content ideas, outlines, and drafts within the platform.
Affordable SEO Toolkit: Access essential SEO tools like briefs, outlines, keyword research, and domain analysis at a competitive price.
Fast Blog Post Creation: Automate building content with AI tools, quickly draft outlines and complete blog posts.
Advanced Keyword Research: Analyze keywords for difficulty, search volume, and revenue potential, helping you find profitable topics.
Multi-Channel Content: Generate content for various channels like blog posts, social media, ad copy, and product descriptions.

Pricing Plans:

GrowthBar offers four plans:

Free: Get 14 day trial for free with basic features, ideal for beginners.
Standard ($29/mo): Unlimited keyword research, competitor analysis, 25 AI content units.
Pro ($79/mo): All of Standard, plus 500 AI paragraphs, unlimited AI chat, 2 keyword roadmaps.
Agency ($129/mo): All of Pro, plus 5,000 AI paragraphs, GSC integration for 25 sites, 25 roadmaps.

5. WriteSonic

Writesonic is a potent tool, especially useful for creating ad copy and short social media posts. It can also handle long-form content and other types of writing. 

Trained on rules and existing content, it quickly generates human-like content in a short period.

Besides, you can easily switch between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 with over 100 tools and templates. 

WriteSonic Blog automation

Key Features:

Versatile Content Production: Effortlessly produces various content types like blog posts, landing pages, ad copy, headlines, slogans, and product descriptions.
AI Chatbot: Engage in real-time conversations with the AI Chatbot. This makes your content creation process more dynamic and interactive.
Third-Party Tool Integration: Effortlessly integrate Writesonic with various third-party tools, expanding its functionality and compatibility.
Web Plugin Availability: Access Writesonic conveniently as a browser plugin, allowing usage across different pages and applications.

Pricing Plans:

Writesonic comes with four paid plans:

Basic: $15/month (75 credits, 1 user, templates)
Pro: $45/month (unlimited, 1 user, all features)
Startup: $95/month (unlimited, 2 users, all features)
Agency: $195/month (unlimited, 4 users, all features + custom requests)

6. Article Forge

Article Forge is an advanced tool that creates unique articles on any topic. 

You can customize the format, subject, and word count. It’s a top AI authoring tool known for generating fresh and well-structured content.

Article Forge Blog automation

Key Features:

Effortless Article Generation: Beat writer’s block by inputting your topic, and Article Forge’s AI will generate articles in minutes, freeing you from lengthy writing and research.
Built-in SEO: Boost your content’s visibility in search results effortlessly. Article Forge adds relevant keywords for better rankings and traffic, requiring no SEO expertise.
Versatile Content: Whether one article or many, Article Forge adapts. Generate single pieces or multiple articles on different topics simultaneously.
Plagiarism-free: Concerned about plagiarism? It ensures content that passes copy checks. No recycled content, no copyright issues– just quality articles for confident publishing.

Pricing Plans:

Article Forge offers three main pricing plans:

Basic: $27/month (50 articles, basic features)
Standard: $57/month (unlimited articles, all features, priority support)
Business: $117/month (3 users, API access, custom integrations)

7. WriterZen

WriterZen uses a data-driven method and introduces a “keyword golden score” metric to create AI content that enhances search engine rankings. 

Unlike other tools, WriterZen considers factors like keyword competition, ranking difficulty, cost per click, and estimated traffic to produce content.

WriterZen Blog automation

Key Features:

High-Impact Keywords: Suggests high-traffic, low-competition keywords for better search ranking.
AI-Powered Briefs: Generates briefs based on top-ranking pages to guide your content creation.
Keyword Clustering: Uncovers related keywords with Google tools for broader SEO reach.
Human-sounding content: Get grammatically correct and engaging content with a natural flow.
Excellent customer support and documentation: Get comprehensive assistance to fully utilize the tool.

Pricing Plans:

Try it for free! Then choose your plan:

Solo Lite: $19/mo (basic features)
Solo Plus: $79/mo (dedicated user features)
Team Pro: $199/mo (small team features)
Scalable Ultra: $359/mo (customizable team features)

8. ClosersCopy

If you need a versatile tool for content creation in various languages, Closerscopy is the solution, supporting over 100 languages. 

With its AI model trained on real-world examples, it’s tailored to generate content across different channels like blogs, social media, ads, and customer communications.

ClosersCopy Blog automation

Key Features:

Multilingual powerhouse: Supports over 100 languages for content creation and translation.
Unlimited long-form content: Generate endless blog posts, articles, and other long-form pieces.
Social media master: Craft engaging content for various social media platforms.
Advanced content analysis: Checks for factual accuracy, emotional impact, and tone consistency.
Marketing-focused frameworks: Choose from 800+ pre-built templates for different marketing goals.

Pricing Plans:

ClosersCopy has 3 paid plans. No free trial, but a 14-day money-back guarantee. 

Power: $49.99/month, 300 AI Runs + 50 SEO Audits per month with 2 seats
Superpower: $79.99/month, unlimited AI writing and SEO audits with 3 seats
Superpower Squad: $99.99/month, unlimited AI writing, SEO audits, and updates with 5 seats 

Tired of hitting creative walls? 

Ai Buster unlocks your writing potential. Experience advanced features, intuitive customization, and effortless integration for a powerful writing experience you won’t forget. 

Join the future of content creation – Start your free trial now and experience the difference.

The Verdict

Choosing the best AI content writing tool can be easy if you know your SEO game plan. Now that you know how good tools are taking care of each part of it, choose one that offers the most.

If you have an in-house team, you might prefer a tool for idea generation and research support. 

On the other hand, if you’re limited on resources, or want to create entire website content fast, go for AI Buster. 

AI Buster stands out as the best choice for both WordPress and Shopify. It offers quality content, SEO with NLP, diverse styles and tones, and seamless integration into the editor.

If you want AI writing tools with free trial, check out WriteSonic, Writer Zen, or Article Forge. We suggest Rytr if you want dedicated SEO features with a free version.

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