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Affpilot Vs AI Buster: A Full Side-by-Side Comparison 

AI writing tools have transformed the content creation landscape, with AI Buster and Affpilot leading the path. The debate between Affpilot and AI Buster is inevitable, given their prominence in this arena. 

But who emerges victorious in the Affpilot Vs AI Buster battle? What sets these two apart? 

While both tools excel at generating extensive amounts of long-form blog content, AI Buster’s output quality surpasses that of Affpilot. 

For quite a few reasons, supporting multiple languages is a prominent one. 

However, it is worth noting that Affpilot also has a lot to offer. So, let’s unravel the comparison and help you pick your hero.

Overview : Affpilot

Affpilot is a solution for effortlessly generating blog articles based on keywords you input. Offering a one-click bulk content generation feature, it streamlines the creation of bulk AI content. 

Overview : Affpilot

AffPilot enhances the blogging process by directly publishing to your website. You don’t have to do anything after putting in the keywords and hitting publish or schedule. 

This AI-powered tool is designed to save time and money, especially if you’re into AI blogging. You’ll get multiple writing modes (modules) to produce different types of articles like informative, reviews, etc. 

Overview : AI Buster

AI Buster is the most innovative auto-blogging tool that can churn out a large volume of content with one simple click. 

It uses GPT 3.5 and 4 models, along with its own algorithm to produce complete blogs with on-page SEO optimization in bulk. 

Overview : AI Buster

Furthermore, it offers seamless integration with WordPress and Shopify. It includes direct publishing, auto-scheduling, and drafting features for effortless content management.

The tool prides itself on being able to generate a staggering 1,000 AI-generated content with one click. 

You can publish across various categories, such as informative blog posts, Amazon product reviews, SaaS reviews, recipe articles, comparison articles, and PAA articles. 

It also emphasizes its built-in plagiarism and grammar checkers to ensure the generated content’s uniqueness and accuracy.

Affpilot vs AI Buster: Quick Comparison Table

Take a quick comparison with the chart below before we deeply analyze the debate between Affpilot and AI Buster. 

FactorAI BusterAffpilot
Tool TypeCloud-basedCloud-based
Usability In Any DeviceIn Any Device
IntegrationWordPress & ShopifyWordPress only
Ease of useSuper easy Has learning curves
Modules usageMore Less
SEO optimizationOn-page SEO doneNeeds manual work
Bulk Content GenerationAvailableAvailable
WordPress Integration✅ Yes✅ Yes
Grammar Checker✅ Yes✅ Yes
Plagiarism Detector✅ Yes✅ Yes
Image creationHigh end, AI-generatedScrapped from other websites
Open AI VersionGPT 3.5 and 4GPT 3.5 and 4
Trial3-day trial at $1 (up to 50,000 AI words)One time free trial 

What are the Differences Between Affpilot and AI Buster?

Let’s look at the differences between Affpilot and AI Buster in some specific areas. 

Output Quality 

Regardless of what type of content you need, your main goal, above everything else, is to achieve high-quality content.

With that in mind, the first thing we need to do is compare the output quality delivered by both tools. 

1. Creativity and Originality

The demand for creative writing has never waned. The creators behind AI Buster have astutely factored this in, as evidenced by the distinctiveness of each piece produced by the tool. 

Moreover, AI Buster guarantees creative content every time as they use their own algorithm with GPT 4. On the other, Affpilot does a decent job with quality but falls behind just a bit with creative output. 

2. Accuracy 

Creativity doesn’t mean writing a bunch of words that don’t match up with the context or seem irrelevant. 

This is where accuracy comes in. So, how accurate is the generated content by these tools? 

Well, AI Buster is quite strong in terms of maintaining accuracy. You’ve never seen anything out of the context in generated articles. 

As they use, the term “Publication-ready” is well justified indeed, where human intervention in editing isn’t required. 

You can finally publish your content without hesitation with AI Buster.

Now, if we talk about Affpilot’s accuracy, the tool may kill your extra time for the final output. It often requires fact-checking or manual fine-tuning. 

This is particularly noticeable when you generate long-form content comprising approximately 3k words. 

3. Tone and writing style consistency 

If the tone of your content doesn’t reflect your brand or marketing strategy, it’s essentially worthless. 

As many experts complain, AI writing tools generate content with a generic, mechanical tone. However, AI Buster stands out for its consistent tone and style in writing. 

Well, while AI Buster excels in maintaining a consistent writing tone. It saves you the trouble of striving for a specific writing style, as it contains modules that produce articles within certain niches. 

For example, if you have a DIY or informative site, you can use the How to Automation module that will generate content with well-organized content to guide your readers.

Affpilot has adopted a different approach in this regard by incorporating preset tones to convey your desired voice in the final product. 

You can select the tone of your blog posts from options such as formal, casual, persuasive, informative, or any other style that aligns with your brand and audience. They also have specific writing services for different niches. 

Project Management

The recent update from AI Buster has brought in a range of new features, with one in particular significantly enhancing project management capabilities. 

Within the History menu of AI Buster, you can now access a comprehensive record of every article generated since the beginning, complete with counts for successful and failed content and credit consumption statistics. 

Furthermore, users have the ability to edit each article directly from this menu, with changes automatically updating the original content on their WordPress site. 

The introduction of auto-scheduling is another feature of AI Buster, enabling content to be published at specified times without manual intervention. 

In contrast, Affpilot lacks this functionality, potentially complicating project management. Nevertheless, users can still save generated content as drafts for future use.

Cross Platform Integration

If you’re an eCom business owner and know the importance of Blogs for more sales, this is for you.

AI buster has cross platform compatibility where you can connect both WordPress and Shopify websites to publish blogs in bulk. 

On the other hand, Affpilot only supports WordPress. This can be a huge setback if you’re trying to do both blogging as your mian trait, and want to try out eCom possibilities too. 

Trial and Pricing

If we consider the standard pricing, the pricing pattern of AI Buster will be the more affordable side compared to Affpilot. As standard, the pricing of AI Buster starts at $39, whereas it’s $43 in Affpilot. 

However, the discounted price of Affpilot is currently a bit cheaper than AI Buster’s. 

Now, if we focus on the trial options. AI Buster will be the better choice as you get up to 50000 AI words in the 3-day trial. Although it will cost you $1, the overall configuration is really worth it. 

On the other hand, Affpilot offers an entirely free trial. However, you may not rip the 100% outcome from the trial, as it allows you to generate only 1 article of each module. 

Another news to share is, that Affpilot doesn’t offer a lifetime deal whereas AI Buster does. Check out the pricing of AI Buster here.

Supported Languages

Both AI Buster and Affpilot support languages outside of English. However, AI Buster opens the door for local language writers wider than Affpilot. AI Buster supports more than 100 languages. This is huge indeed. 

Affpilot VS AI Buster: Which One You Should Choose? 

Affpilot and AI Buster are close competitors. So, it’s hard to choose one between these two. It becomes more complicated due to their similarities in features. 

Still, AI Buster might stay one step ahead in terms of content quality and customer support. And also, AI Buster is superior with some unmatched criteria like:

Multilanguage support
WordPress and Shopify Integration 

In that sense, if you consider these factors, AI Buster should be your preferred one. However, if this doesn’t matter to you, the choice is open for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Affpilot and AI Buster differ in functionality?

Affpilot focuses on content creation for marketing purposes, while AI Buster offers a broader range of writing assistance, including creative writing and informative articles. You can use AI Buster on both Shopify and WordPress in multiple languages. But Affpilot lacks these options. 

Which tool provides better language processing capabilities?

While both tools offer advanced language processing, AI Buster’s natural language generation capabilities are particularly noteworthy.

Can I use either tool for social media content creation?

Yes, both tools are equipped to assist with generating engaging social media posts using their manual assist modules. 

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